Customising Your Denim with boohooMAN

A little while ago, along with a handful of boohooMAN's favourite menswear bloggers, I was invited to their Denim Workshop. The boohooMAN design team were on hand to teach us how simple it can be to customise your own denim, at home with just a few common tools. I've never customised denim before but after a short while I finally got the hang of how to make rips, distressed looks, applying patches and making unique cuts.

Anyone can do it, seriously. All you really need is some iron-on patches, scissors, sand paper, something like a needle to pick the threads and of course a large table to work on, or maybe even the floor.

I chose this dark denim jacket from boohooMAN to showcase my skills and wanted to start off with the front of the jacket by colouring in and making a showcase piece of the front denim pockets. For my left pocket, I used a white marker pen to colour in the pocket flap and stripe pattern on the pocket. The right pocket has been torn off and painted yellow where the pocket previously was. I then picked the stitching on the left pocket and sanded the edges giving it a bit more rustic look.

I think I went a little over the top with rips on the arms and back, so my top tip would be that less is more when you are a beginner, getting the hang of denim customisation. Remember you can always add extra rips later on for further personalisation.

Finally to showcase that this is a true one of a kind, limited edition, created by me for me piece - I added a little '1 of 1' motif at the hem of the jacket.

What do you think? Only honest comments welcome!!

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