One thing I have learnt about fashion is that however many so called 'rules' there are, there actually are none. When rules are broken so often, there is no point in calling them rules anymore. Avoid wearing double denim is probably the most commonly known fashion faux pas of all time. When Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake attempted to break the rule all those years ago, you would have probably thought the rule was there for a reason. In come the cavalry of stylists, fashionistas, designers, street stylists and style bloggers to find a way to make double denim work.

2 years ago if I walked out of my house in double denim, I would have been laughed straight back in doors to change. But today is a different day and I'm feeling brave...here are my rules of how to wear double denim:


1. Always match different denim colour  shades. This is my first and most important rule that I abide by. I would never wear the same shade of denim jeans as well as shirt or jacket. 

2. Buy yourself a chambray shirt. Chambray is often mistaken for denim but it is a thinner lighter material which works extremely well when paired with denim. A lot of London's shirt makers are bringing out formal chambray shirt designs to be worn in smart attire. Because chambray is a light material it works extremely well in Autumn/Winter when layering for warmth.

3. Make sure the denim is well fitted. I'm sure the fashion forward guys and girls would find a way of making denim oversize garments work, however for me denim works better perfectly worn in a tailored fit.

4. Layers. Take the edge off the double denim by layering with t-shirts, jumpers, scarfs and accessories. This will soften down the look slightly.

In my outfit post photos above, I have chosen to mix ASOS black denim biker jeans with a DKNY dark blue denim jacket that I have had since 1990! Simply styled with a white tee and white/grey camouflage converse high-tops.


Photo Credit Sophie Milner