MEEM Cable Review: An Easy Way to Backup Your iPhone or Android Smart Phone

I've been an iPhone user for a very long time now and lost or broken my way through numerous charging cables and iPhones during this time. So as you can imagine backing up and restoring data is extremely important. The MEEM cable is a simple, convenient, secure and reliable solution for automatic backup of your mobile phone.

The first thing that popped into my mind is 'why don't I just use iCloud?' Then I cast my mind back at the last time I lost my iPhone on a night out and the next day I was in the Apple store on Regents Street (a little hungover) buying a new iPhone. Obviously restoring your backed up data is critical. Contacts, photos and your calendar entries are all important to everyday life. So I got my new iPhone and continued to set it up with the 'Restore from iCloud' option, only to realise that it has been failing and the data was 1 week old. I mean 1 week in the life of my iPhone is an eternity, what were all those new apps I downloaded in the last week called again?

How to simply setup the MEEM cable:

First download the MEEM Memory App from the app store.
Plug in the cable to a USB socket, power adapter, car charger or power pack.
Plug in the other end of the cable to your mobile phone. This will charge your phone immediately.
The cable will take a few seconds to appear connected in the MEEM Memory App.
You'll be asked to setup a 4-digit passcode to secure your data.
Then the automatic backup starts and now every time you plug in you phone to this cable, it will backup the content.

Important to note: Anyone else can use this cable to charge their phones without it automatically backing up their data. To back up data for a phone to the cable, you'll need the MEEM App and also the 4-digit security code.

It was only when I started to use the MEEM cable over time that I realised that this simple cable could do much more than just charging and backing up data.

Firstly with so many other incredible smart phones on the market these days, having the MEEM cable allows you to easily restore your data across different phone platforms.

If you use two phones or even a phone and a tablet you can use the MEEM cable app to selectively synchronise data between the two.

There are no hidden, monthly or extra fees - you pay for the cable and that is it.

You can use the cable as extra storage by using it as an archive for your photos or videos, allowing you to delete them from your phone, freeing up space.