WINTER SALE NOW ON: Luxury Handmade Tailoring by Hawkins & Shepherd

Sales can often be a little misleading and questions are rightly being asked by the consumer if these so called 'deals' are getting are as good as they seem. A just debate. However at Hawkins & Shepherd we stand by our Winter/January Sales as being fair, honest and genuine price reductions. Take our handmade made-in-Britain suits which are tailored using 100% British wool fabric. These incredible suits fairly retail at £775 with normal mark-ups being applied. We are offering over £300 off which make them a more affordable £450 for true British fabric, design and tailoring - where else can you get that kind of deal?

Our luxurious and soft 100% British cashmere overcoats are incredible, all handmade in Britain, we are offering a massive £640 off. The price point is now at £960 and yes they may seen expensive to 99.99% of you and myself alike, but it's a coat that is desirable and in the league of designer luxury. The 100% cashmere is soft, lightweight and when you wear it you'll feel how the tailoring moulds to your body and you feel incredible - much more classy than bulky cheap fabric coats.

Hawkins & Shepherd was setup by myself just over 3 years ago and continues to be a small business for myself and run by myself, which I'm obviously trying to grow. The simple truth is that a lot of my stock is stored in home office space and therefore unlike major brands, I'm not incurring stock costs, which is the main reason why other brands offer discounts to liquidate stock. That simply isn't the case with Hawkins & Shepherd...we are offering a Winter Sale not because of we need to get rid of stock but because we want to give something back to the British consumer - a quality product at a great price, deserving of this Christmas period of giving. 

It would really be amazing if this year you could all get behind my brand Hawkins & Shepherd because operating in such a saturated space is so very hard and I would be eternally grateful for any sales, tweets, name it!