Welcome to my channel, where I'll be offering men's style advice and general goings on around London. Please Watch and SUBSCRIBE

Wind back 3 months and having my own youtube channel or vlog isn't something I would have entertained, as I hate the sound of my own voice, I mumble (a lot), I'm getting on a bit - 34 years old and HD cameras don't mix well and I have a group of friends that will pick up on every bad joke or stupid comment and repeat it for like forever. 

Just check out the below video which was taken by one of my good friends 'Beano' whilst watching my Celebrity Dinner Date episode with Amy Childs, which has now had 4500 views on Facebook and counting!

Although things change quickly. In those three months, I have been asked to be on a new YouTube channel called London Trending, my customers have been requesting style tutorials and I can see how video content will replace written and pictorial content on social media - so it really is a case of get on-board or be left behind.

My channel will be primarily focused on what I know best - which as Men's Style and my home city of London. I aim to post once a week offering style advice. This will be mainly formal smart attire as that is more my style, as I'm not very 'trendy'!

These are exciting times, so please support me in this new venture - trust me I'll need it!