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Carl & Marissa First Dates

With the Sky+ information on the Channel4 First Dates Series 5, Episode 19 saying "Carl and Marissa's date gets intense, spiritual and really quite steamy" - I'm sitting here with 3 hours before it airs absolutely shitting my pants and thinking, why do I always seem to put myself into these situations! The situation isn't being helped by my lovely 'friends' who have all signed up to twitter just to give me 'bants' during the airing...thanks guys! Now, it's the morning after the episode aired and I'm feeling incredibly positive and excited for 2017.

This isn't the first time that I have graced the UK TV's with my awkwardness, shit chat and for a blind date...(my first was on Dinner Date with Amy Childs), I should be a pro at it by now (you would have thought!).  Although I'm far from being the dating god that I thought I would be at 36 and single in London and my appearance on First Dates shows that my dating style still needs a little refining!

The whole experience was amazing. My date Marissa was fantastic and I got to meet the legendary dapper maître d' Fred, bartender Merlin and my waitress Laura, no pressure on the date then! 

Of course I had a few mates over to watch the episode with me, so thanks guys for all the support and for Charlie for bringing over loads of Oppo Ice-Cream to keep my mind off of my average TV chat!!

Being a Menswear Fashion Blogger, I was a little worried if I got my First Dates outfit right as it is always a difficult decision, especially when going on TV. So if you liked what I wore, you can shop the look below:

Carl First Dates


For most of the episode I was watching it through a pillow, like I was watching a horror story unfold, although there was no real need. I was totally myself and yes there were a couple 'why did I just say that' moments, but thats be honest who can go 4 hours without saying something a little bit silly...exactly, well I certainly can't! 

The date itself was amazing, I really had a great time. For me the most awkward and emotional watching was during the interview stage when I was talking about previous relationships and why they didn't work out because no one wants to open up and admit their flaws and talk about failures. Then came Hug-Gate...yep okay so that made watching even harder, I mean who hugs on a first date? Me...apparently so. But in my defence, Marissa was opening up about her former relationship and how it ended and it was getting a little tense - I think we should all just hug-it-out more often! 



Of course I would have loved to say there is a happy ever after story to tell you, although instead I'll have to leave you with a it's 'back to square one' chapter in my life story of incredible ups and downs.