It was back in 2014 when I laughed at the wearable technology designs The Apprentice candidates came up with. I mean, an iPhone charger hidden in the lining of your jacket for portable charging without carrying around a big battery pack...well actually that is quite handy to be honest. I guess it was the big bold solar panels they stuck on to the shoulders that put me off - but they actually had a point and with the wearable textile industry moving forward at an alarming rate, tech and fashion are going to be the next big hit on the global catwalks.

What do you envisage of when thinking about 'wearable technology'? Star wars drones or maybe a centurion style jet pack? 

Technology power houses such as Apple have already given us a glimpse into wearable technology with the Apple iWatch or Apple iGlass but this craze go miles beyond this. I mean your socks are not going to be able complete your tax self assessment, however they may be able to increase or decrease their temperature depending on the temperature of your toes! 

Here are a few future tech sci-fi projects ready to change fashion.

1. Mood responsive clothing. Seriously, this actually exists - clothing that becomes transparent as the heartbeat rises. 

2. Auto-lacing trainers. Nike have just announced the HyperAdapt 1.0 which is their first auto-lacing sneaker/trainer.

3. Wearable Solar Power. Probably not going to be able to charge your whole house via your jacket, although re-charging your mobile phone and electric devices will be possible.

4. Trackable clothing. I don't lend my clothes out much but my ex-girlfriend did and she ended up losing track of who she lent what to. Well with the TrackR devices and TrackR app, tracking your clothing in now possible.

5. Eye tracking technology. Designer Ying Gao has created these designs that move when someone is looking at them using tiny motors to move the fabric textile.

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