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Normally at this time of year I'm banging on about Spring layering, keeping warm by adding layers. Well on this Sunday afternoon, I'm ramping up the heating at home (got to keep the tackle warm!) and striping down to my undies in my first underwear shoot to review my new favourite underwear and loungewear by Oiler & Boiler

After a quick rummage around the sock drawer and some practice sculpting with play-doh, I was ready to shoot. Dammit, wheres the baby oil when you need it!

If you have a look in my underwear drawer it needed some serious love and attention, I mean there are some 'lucky' pairs that I have had for years that have seen their best days. Some ill fitting cotton crap and one or two with actual holes in. Underwear can be one of the overlooked fashion pieces but there is no real need to neglect this area as good pairs such as the ones from Oiler & Boiler are very very affordable with a pack of 3 only costing as little as £10-30.

Obviously, I have photoshopped my six-pack out of these images, as I didn't want to put David Beckham, David Gandy and Fredrik Ljungberg out of their 6-figure underwear modelling contracts!

Oiler & Boiler are synonymous for their exceptional underwear, however my first ever purchase about 3 years ago were a pair of yellow/light blue stripe swimming trunks which I still wear today, so their products are classic and made to last. They also have some exceptional loungewear for when you are having a lazy chilled out evening or a bit more energetic and heading to the gym. 

Photography (the very lucky!) Sophie Milner