Movember & Decembeard Grooming Guide

For the grizzly bears of us out there, a whole year has been passing by in preparation for one of these months...Movember (which runs throughout November) and Decembeard (through December, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that!). If it is Movember you are going for, its always a good shout to grow a decent beard or stubble in preparation for shaving your facial hair into an epic handle-bar moustache so you don't have to go through the baby fluff stage! As for Decembeard, it's simple, just keep on growing that mane.

What is Movember?

During the month of November, you have to grow your moustache in aid of raising awareness and charity donations for prostate cancer. The rule are that everywhere other than your 'mo' has to be clean shaven.

What is Decembeard?

During the month of December, it's simple, grow your beard to raise awareness and as much money as possible but this time for bowel cancer support.

For these months it is essential to have the right equipment to keep your beard or mo in tip top condition, especially to trim those pesky, random stray hairs that seem to grow 10 times faster and thicker than the rest of your hair! 

My beard trimmer of choice is this Philips Beard Trimmer 7000 and there was one main reason why I decided to upgrade my current basic one for this cutting edge design. The reason is for their high-tech vacuum which is built-in to the trimmer, which will suck up most of your beard trimmings as you shave, leaving your bathroom sink and all around it clean and hair free.

I've used beard trimmers for years and years, I can't even recall the last time I was clean shaven. This trimmer from Philips, fits nicely in the hand and glides across the face with ease. I was surprised at how small it was considering all the technology that is in it's casing. The Philips Beard Trimmer 7000 has a dial that you turn left or right with your thumb which raises or lowers the stainless steel blades, making it easy to cut to a hair length that you require. As well as that, it gives it's users the freedom to select up to 20 different length settings from 0.5 to 10mm for that perfect precision trim. 

As well as keeping your facial hair under control, it is also just as important to keep in hydrated and loved, so here are a few products from Bulldog Skincare for Men, that I have picked for you. 

Keep it clean
Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, 200ml (RRP £6.00)

If your beard has achieved majestic volume, you might experience itching and dandruff. Giving your beard a good wash will help remove any build-up of dead skin and all the unpleasant stuff it can accumulate from the outside world. Bulldog’s Original 2in1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, enriched with aloe vera, cleanses, softens and untangles hair.

Soften it
Original Beard Oil, 30ml (RRP £5.50)

For extra moisture and shine, massage some oil in to your beard. Bulldog’s Original Beard Oil creates the perfect conditions for a healthy beard. The combination of aloe vera, camelina oil and borage oil softens and conditions.

Style it
Original Beard Balm, 75ml (RRP £8.00)

The fast-absorbing Original Beard Balm should be man’s first port of call when going in search of an all-in-one beard moisturiser, conditioner and styling aid. The specially formulated product contains cocoa butter to deliver a non-greasy shine to the hair, flanked by shea butter, which acts as a moisturiser.



There were two in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over moustaches (you've had your month) and make way for the beard, as today is the start of DECEMBEARD. For those of you who haven't grasped the concept of DECEMBEARD yet. For the month of December you have to grow your beard to raise awareness for bowel cancer. 

Unfortunately most, if not all of us have experienced, either directly or indirectly someone who has been effected by cancer. Every 15 minutes someone will be diagnosed with bowel cancer, which means by the time I have written this article, 8 people would have been given the awful news and that hurts deep inside. So lets sign up to decembeard now and share beard selfies, concerns, grooming advice etc using the comments at the bottom of this blog or via my instagram or twitter

The best thing about growing a beard is that I'm pretty sure many of us have either a) already grown a beard or stubble of some sort or b) would like to see what you would look like with a beard. And lets be honest, its not as if the beard trend is going anywhere - so not only are you doing good for charity but I'm actually helping you look like a total epic dude! 

For me the month is going to be a little bit of a struggle because my facial hair is wiry, curly, patchy and going grey. All that said I'm totally looking forward to it, as I have already been growing my beard for a few weeks and have got past the itchy stage now. Even my girlfriend now loves it...bonus, it means I might actually keep it until DECEMBEARD 2016! Now that would be instagramable! 

I'm not sure if you have noticed from my photos but I'm getting a serious number of grey hairs on my head and recently they have long-jumped down to my beard. So I just wanted to address this subject, as I know many of you may have the same issue as me with a partial grey beard. Well I have a solution and it's Just For Men. 

I used 'Just For Men Moustache & Beard' yesterday as I wanted to kick DECEMBEARD off with a vibrant beard with zero greys. The product is great as it can help cover the greys whilst also enhancing the colour of your beard and therefore making them look thicker. Its also very simple to use.

  1. Important: always remember to do the allergy patch test 48 hours before using the product.
  2. Apply to a dry beard.
  3. Put a line of the colour base and the natural colour developer into the mixing tray.
  4. Mix together well.
  5. Apply to your beard using the brush, targeting the greys first. 
  6. Leave for 5 minutes.
  7. Rinse off.

Here is my before and after shot. Although for me it doesnt look much difference from afar, I can assure you that there were greys but not anymore!

Just For Men Moustache & Beard is the only male facial hair dye that can help men cover their greys and ensure their moustache and/or beard is looking its best. Just For Men can help men achieve the look they want, with ease. By using Just For Men Moustache & Beard facial hair looks fuller, more even and well-groomed. Just For Men Moustache & Beard gets rid of the scraggly look of grey facial hairs and its ammonia-free formula is made to penetrate coarse facial hair.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Just For Men via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Just For Men.