My Top 5 'Killer' Kilian Fragrances

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Everyone is an artist these days. You take a birds eye picture of your dinner, put it through a clever filter, come up with a creative hashtag, it's now art right? Well if you believe that you can get the hell out of my office. 

True artists, create something from nothing. Brands like Kilian aren't content on hodge-podging a bunch of exotic fragrances for our consumption and calling it a life. They carefully curate each liquid with fastidious diligence. All presented in a box that looks like it had just been excavated from a pharaohs temple. 

You may have guessed already that I'm sentimental towards Kilian fragrances. It's been another tough one for me to discern a list of favourites. But I've had a go. 

My Top 5 Kilian Fragrances 

Gold Knight 

By the way each of these names sounds like unused Star Wars titles. In at number 5, is Gold Knight. Kilian Hennessy really delivers a potent Autumn/Winter fragrance. The intrepid dark sensuousness of patchouli fused with the ebullient bergamot and anise, caressed and cosseted with the warm golden shimmer of vanilla and honey will put your partners senses in a headlock around Winter Wonderland this year. 

Dark Lord

Unbelievably this is the exact name I gave my ... wait no, can't say that on here. The best word in the English language is titillation obviously, but the second best is Gunmetal. Here the Dark Lord bottle has an Achilles' Heel embossed onto the flacon with extra Gunmetal details. 

And if you've ever wondered what the nuanced dry-down of jasmine drenched in Rum smells like, then this is the scent for you. 

Noir Aphrodisiaque

Sounds like a German graffiti artist that everybody has magically heard of but you. 

This is the sort of fragrance you put on and feel instantly weaponised. It has strident notes of dark chocolate yet is also sweet and spicy. It sits close to the skin so is perfect for those close encounters. It's found its rightful place on the podium. 

Black Phantom 

Ooof just missed top billing. Black Phantom has a lot in common with Noir Aphrodisiaque in that Samuel Jackson is mooted to play both roles in the upcoming Avengers movie. Of course I jest. 

Black Phantom, is created from the same palette of warm spices and sweetness from sugar cane, this fragrance also touches notes such as rum and coffee.

Straight to Heaven 

Oh baby, in with a bullet, Straight to Heaven. It has more wood than a Ron Jeremy boxset. But it's also got that mystery vibe to it. A complexity that I admire. Delicate tickles of dried fruits, nutmeg and amber. It's my go-to black tie fragrance and I can tell you, it does what it says on the tin. Truly a work of art.



Kilian Miami Vice | Love the Way You Taste | Fragrance Review

Ever wanted to smell like a Mojito? Who doesn't. There's no better cocktail to have on the balcony this summer than a Mojito and this fragrance, Love the Way You Taste by Killian is a perfect caveat to your summer parties. As part of their Miami Vice Collection by Killian has launched Love the Way you Taste and Love the Way you Feel. 

It's engineered to be unisex, so guys this won't be the most masculine of scents you'll be adding to your bathroom this year. That said there's plenty of perfumes out there for night wear, black tie and so on. Think of this as a more 'boat party' than 'after party' kinda fragrance. 

Straight away you'll get some peppermint, some lemon, plenty of floral freshness. Nothing is over powering, nothing is an assault. Everything is measured and gradually the heart notes of green leaves and magnolia flower seep through.

The box has an 80's Miami vibe. Broad brush strokes of red and green over white. The sort of design you'd see Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah squabble over in Gordon Gekko's flat in the movie Wall Street


Kilian Hennessy composes exclusive perfume creations, which include only the finest ingredients of the highest quality. He is always in search of subtle and perfect harmonies that provide exceptional and impressive olfactory pleasures.

"My intention is to create fragrances that confer power and also seduce and provide protection. My ambition was to create perfumes that would shine with the same splendour of the early 20th century - but combined with a modern note." Kilian Hennessy

It is a slightly unusual turn for Kilian, a side step from some of the heavier perfumes they've released in the past. But this is a pleasant detour and I really dig this. As someone mentioned on one of the forums, its fragrances like these that make me hate the winter months so much. 

Both the fragrances from the Miami Vice collection are available to buy online for £185 for 50ml. 


Kilian Announce the Launch of Shower Gels & Body Lotions

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I can't remember the last time I vented artlessly about my ambivalence towards the words passion fruit and energy; imbued into every other shower gel and body lotion. It's certainly been a good 2 minutes anyway. Ironic really that I can be that dispassionate, about passion fruit, a fair to middling flavour of fruit that like a hot model, has danced it's way effortlessly to the top of the food chain disregarding all laws or meritocracy. How? It's just got a cool name.

So it's with welcome relief that luxury scent brand KILIAN has announced its first Bath & Body Collection for five scents: Love Don't Be Shy - Stmightto Heaven, White Cristal Moonlight in Heaven, Good Girl Gone Bad and Intoxicated.

Admittedly some of these names sound like they were in the hat for either a Ron Jeremy boxset or a Britney Spears best of, but it's a significant evolution from the brand that is now entering its 11th year. Kilian also boasts a collection of 35 fragrances as well as wearable scented jewellery, scented paperweights, tassels, candles and home accessories.

The shower gel and body lotion have been custom-formulated with uncompromising respect for the quality and integrity of each fragrance blend. Each shower gel and body lotion refill claims its own elegant, upright vessel made of melded and lacquered resin. It is meticulously hand-polished for a sleek, jet-black gloss-except for that of the fragrance Good Girl Gone Bad, which stands innocently in white.

Who is Kilian?

Kilian Hennessy is the heir to a long line of cognac-makers. Many of Kilian’s fragrances today carry nostalgic childhood memories of those family cellars in Cognac as they are reminiscent of the sugar in the alcohol and the wood of the cognac barrels. After graduating, he then went on to train with the greatest noses in perfumery and worked for the most prestigious perfume houses such as Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani.

You might start to think who pays $150 on a paperweight? Or $500 on a bottle of perfume? Granted, those with a disposable income for sure. Kilian isn't just a brand for those looking to upscale from Lynx Africa, it overshoots that playing field by a couple of acres. However, Kilian is no stranger to the price of luxury and offered a candid rebuke to this in a wonderful article by Susannah Frankel at The Independent citing, 

"The luxury brands have been saying to customers for the past 80 years that a luxury fragrance costs £50. So generation after generation it has been established. When someone comes along with a perfume that costs £145, they're like, 'It's very expensive'. But it's a question of what you are giving the customer for that £145? There is not a single product designed by Apple that costs less than a few hundred dollars; at one point Steve Jobs said it is not that Apple has become mass market, it's that the market has now reached Apple's level. Hopefully that will happen with fragrance. Hopefully more and more people will say, you know what? £145 for that product is not a lot of money." Kilian.

Kilian can be found online and in Burlington Arcade in Mayfair.

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