Kilian Miami Vice | Love the Way You Taste | Fragrance Review

Ever wanted to smell like a Mojito? Who doesn't. There's no better cocktail to have on the balcony this summer than a Mojito and this fragrance, Love the Way You Taste by Killian is a perfect caveat to your summer parties. As part of their Miami Vice Collection by Killian has launched Love the Way you Taste and Love the Way you Feel. 

It's engineered to be unisex, so guys this won't be the most masculine of scents you'll be adding to your bathroom this year. That said there's plenty of perfumes out there for night wear, black tie and so on. Think of this as a more 'boat party' than 'after party' kinda fragrance. 

Straight away you'll get some peppermint, some lemon, plenty of floral freshness. Nothing is over powering, nothing is an assault. Everything is measured and gradually the heart notes of green leaves and magnolia flower seep through.

The box has an 80's Miami vibe. Broad brush strokes of red and green over white. The sort of design you'd see Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah squabble over in Gordon Gekko's flat in the movie Wall Street


Kilian Hennessy composes exclusive perfume creations, which include only the finest ingredients of the highest quality. He is always in search of subtle and perfect harmonies that provide exceptional and impressive olfactory pleasures.

"My intention is to create fragrances that confer power and also seduce and provide protection. My ambition was to create perfumes that would shine with the same splendour of the early 20th century - but combined with a modern note." Kilian Hennessy

It is a slightly unusual turn for Kilian, a side step from some of the heavier perfumes they've released in the past. But this is a pleasant detour and I really dig this. As someone mentioned on one of the forums, its fragrances like these that make me hate the winter months so much. 

Both the fragrances from the Miami Vice collection are available to buy online for £185 for 50ml.