Create a New Grooming Ritual with Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London is renowned for creating exquisitely simple, elegant and unexpected scents. Today I'm going to walk you through a bathroom ritual recommended by Jo Malone London that I am heartily onboard with. 

As a brand ambassador I'm sent on all the products for all the latest campaigns and anyone that uses Jo Malone London, doesn't really me need me to attest to the quality of the products.

You need a game plan when it comes to morning rituals. Especially what you're doing in regards to grooming.

Refresh the senses with an uplifting shower accompanied by a signature Body & Hand Wash. The formula is enriched with meadowfoam seed which helps to gently cleanse and deliciously scent the skin.

TIP: I'm currently going through a wonderful cold shower phase. Build it up incrementally, ten seconds for a week. Twenty seconds the next week etc. It does wonders for the skin and when you leave the shower you'll feel like you can take on a Kodiak Bear.

Used together, Shampoo and Conditioner in zesty classic Lime Basil & Mandarin help to improve suppleness and shine. After styling, a lightweight Hair Mist is a new way to wear a favourite fragrance: add a spritz for a light scent, or pair with a Jo Malone London Cologne.

Hands up if you have time for a bath these days? Admittedly I'm few and far between these days with baths. However, when I'm not feeling top of the pops I will treat myself and I know I should do it more often because I feel so much better after.

Having a rich Bath Oil is the fragrant finishing touch to a relaxing soak. Pour a few drops, lie back and relax. Enhance the mood with flickering candlelight with the addition of a Home or a Travel Candle.

By the way if you're in hospitality, it's never a great marker that I need to bring scented travel candles to your hotel or AirBNB. If you're really looking to impress future guests, have it listed on your website that your room comes fully equipped with amenities such as Jo Malone London. Maybe put a little note next to it saying you'd appreciate guests resisting the temptation to not take the candle when vacating.

Skincare is no afterthought with Jo Malone London. It's something entrenched in their philosophy that you should only settle for the best when it comes to skincare and personal grooming. A Body and Hand Lotion infused with coconut oil - leaves skin hydrated and subtly scented. A generous helping of luxurious Body Creme has a rich, nourishing texture that is best left to soak in overnight for the ultimate scented slumber.

All products are readily available through the Jo Malone London website. You can find all the articles I've written pertaining to Jo Malone London on my blog here