Introducing the ECCO Trainer | Perfect Day to Night Attire for Your Feet

ECCO has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the past half a century – from a diminutive shoe factory in Bredebro, Denmark with a small flock of employees, to a key player on the world shoe-stage with 19,500 employees and sales of over 20 million pairs per year across 87 countries.

For years I've been breathlessly monologuing about needing someone to break in my shoes. Seriously, I will open up a position of employment; will pay them in grooming products, for anyone that is interested in breaking in my new shoes. Additional duties include walking Charlie and fetching my flat whites. Must be available to multi task. 

Well as of today that position has been annulled. I know, more job shrinkage in the fashion industry, when will it end? 

You have Karl Toosbuy to thank for that. ECCO was founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy’s and his main focus was to make shoes that did not need to be broken in. This guy should be made patron saint of shoes!

Designed for a supreme fit, straight out of the box. 

If you're looking to reset and refresh your footlocker, these ECCO ST1 Men's in black that you see me rocking, (also available in Grape leaf. Yes that’s a colour) could be the winning ticket.

The silhouette is clean, smooth, unobtrusive. You should also watch their YouTube videos, it's like these are the shoes come with their own Hans Zimmer soundtrack.  

Ecco shoes embrace an adequate suspension technology they term SHOCK THRU. Intensifying the velocity of shock absorption from the previous models.

A full leather lining adds to the luxurious feel and a light-tan heel tab accents the rear of the cuff – an understated brand detail.


Price Point? 

I like these a lot. I would stretch to their price point now I've had the opportunity to road test them. A great transitional day-night trainer. You can hang around a few bars during the day and still look good heading out for a dinner down Chiltern Firehouse. 

Although the brand has a lot of history, I can't attest to them being a household name brand here in the UK and that might be the only withdrawal I have. Are the British public willing to pay £150 for a shoe brand that's only on the 'heard of' fringes. I'd be interested in hearing your comments on that below.