My Love Affair With ECCO shoes | The Perfect Day-Night Trainer ECCO SOFT 8 LX sneaker

Today I'm going to tell you more about my new sartorial love, these ECCO SOFT 8 LX sneakers. I've eulogised previously about ECCO shoes being the perfect day-night trainer and transforming from a diminutive shoe factory in Bredebro, Denmark with a small flock of employees, to a key player on the world shoe-stage with 19,500 employees and sales of more than 20 million pairs per year across 87 countries.

The latest addition to my foot locker, the low-top ECCO SOFT 8 LX sneaker, has an incontestable physical dimension. A rugged masculinity, I'd even go so far as to say an animal virility! It's composed from a durable rubber sole and constructed from rich, two-toned ECCO leather, the result a functional and stylish choice that delivers visual clout for casual days around town.

An added bonus on buying ECCO shoes

When buying shoes online my biggest worry is how accurate the sizing will be. Remarkably, sizing differs a lot from brand to brand.

ECCO Shoes come lined in leather for additional softness with removable inlay soles for optimal in-shoe comfort and optional extra width when removed. 

How I style my ECCO Shoes

It's important first and foremost to keep the mid-sole clean. Women detest mucky trainers –  it’s one of the biggest put offs, apparently. You can do this by simply applying Cif with a toothbrush and warm water or using ECCO’s shoe wipes, RRP £2.99. 

I've chosen to highlight the trainer by cuffing my denim in a single roll. I've kept my jeans and jacket in black and navy blue hues to ameliorate the trainer and the contrast lacing that comes with the shoe. 

The size ranges are 39 - 47 and you get free delivery in the UK on orders over £79. 

*This sponsored post was created in collaboration with ECCO Shoes.