BVLGARI MAN Wood Essence Fragrance Review

In this article I'm going to be reviewing the BVLGARI MAN Wood Essence Fragrance, a woody professional fragrance that definitely errs on the side of masculine. Produced by one of the most respected noses in the business, Master of Masters Alberto Morillas.

The Bottle 

I do love the lock in screw cap. It delivers a good click, it has a secure gratifying sound to it. The colours are neither here nor there for me. It has a meaty feel in your hand, a definite presence on the shelf, but the taupe and green haven't got the presence of a BVLGARI Man in Black cologne. It feels a bit safe. 

The Notes 

It does what it says on the bottle. You'll get a very clear hit of Cedarwood and Cyprus wood. That's why I'd say this a predominately masculine scent. I doubt the girlfriend would want to be stealing this one for a night out. 

There is some nice citrus notes that will come through before it sits close to the skin. It does leave a nice scent trail, but it's not a huge projecting scent. 

It does have Ambergris in. And of course we've all know what Ambergris is from the scene out of Hannibal right? 

Where would I wear BVLGARI MAN Wood Essence Fragrance?

It's not strong enough for Black Tie. Yes it leaves a nice trail but it doesn't get far across the room. I'd say this is a very work orientated scent. If you'd like to smell good on the commute or in the office, then this will be perfect. 

When someone leans over you to fetch the hole puncher, this will be a subtle and provoking scent, but it won't climb over the desk to the hot new intern you're looking to impress. 

Some of my contemporaries have remarked on the silage going for the entire working day. I personally got half a day and needed to top up after lunch. 

Would I buy BVLGARI MAN Wood Essence Fragrance?

I would, because I like the woodiness that sits on my skin. I don't like to overpower people in a work environment. I go to a lot of business meetings and often struggle to have find that nice sweet spot of not too citrus and sweet (Summer Picnic), and not too black tie (Royal Opera). 

I just wish it had more of a chime about its look. A great example is Haig Club. You might have your reservations about single grain whisky, but that bottle is something to reach for. I can't say that about this. 

Available in 60ml or 100ml from FeelUnique. Expect to pay £80 for the 100ml.