Introducing Barc London | Now Your Dog Will Look More Stylish Than You

Today I'm going to introduce you to Barc London, a socially conscious dog accessory brand, providing aesthetic and affordable pieces for your four legged friends. As you can imagine I get a fair few products through the post to review. Charlie my French Bulldog gets riled into a frenzy each time a parcel arrives at my house.

Imagine waking up for Christmas each morning and finding out that none of the gifts under the tree are for you. Better yet, you're forced to watch everyone else open there's whilst you slump crestfallen into a corner, licking your own, well you get the picture. 

Well today, it was a special day as Charlie received a special gift from Barc London. A Cool Grey Leather lead from the Core Collection. (Available in 6 colours). 

Barc London has keenly spied a gap in the market; a serious lack of affordable, yet contemporary products that will appeal to all different individuals and their dogs.

Charlie has never looked so on point. But I do worry this might be the start of an ego trajectory for Charlie that will be difficult to harness. (Pardon the pun). Until now Charlie's accessory door had an uber-minimalism look to it. Now with the introduction of this stylish Barc London leather collar, he might be looking at me come October and asking 'Carl I wore this for the entirety of last month.

How would you feel wearing the same shirt every day in public? It's beyond humiliating. I have a dedicated community of Instagram followers that look to me for style advice and .. ' You get the idea. 

The finish on the collars are beautiful, with complimentary hardware and embossed branding, the leather is supple and has a very premium feel and look to it. 

Be one of the early birds and treat your Dog to a wardrobe upgrade by visiting the Barc London Kickstarter page. There you'll find a full break down of pricing for end users and wholesale. 

With every purchase you'll also be donating to Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust is a charity close to my heart whose sole objective is helping dogs who aren’t as lucky as ours by specialising in rehabilitation, protection and rehoming.

"We want to build a brand with a heart; a brand where we are conscious to give back and help solve a very serious issue: According to Dogs Trust Stray Dogs Survey Report in 2017, there were 66,277 reported stray dogs. Dogs Trust and other charities mission is to bring about a day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, "free from the threat of unnecessary destruction". – TEAM BARC