Jimmy Choo Man Blue | Fragrance Review

Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance 2.jpg

A bottle of The Jimmy Choo Man Blue fragrance arrived on my doorstep the other day and I wanted to give you my first impressions.

Who is the Jimmy Choo Man Blue for?

Jimmy Choo are looking to target the hip urban gent. The kind of man that skates to work in his suit and espadrilles. He's probably called Will, has great hair, your girlfriend can't shut up about how funny he is at work. We universally hate Will. 

Yet that's because Will is the man we all yearn to be. Now Jimmy Choo has introduced Jimmy Choo Man Blue fragrance that will help you channel your inner Will. 


The Bottle and Packaging

If you're thinking this bottle is reminiscent of a hip flask, you'd be right. It's curved at the back and, oozes sophistication and has graduated lacquering. Although it looks elegant, the dip-dye blue fade makes it hard to photograph. (Did my best). But that's hardly a disparaging remark on the design, more a pointless whine from a photographer’s standpoint. 

Another of the brand's signatures, crocodile, is worked as a textured effect on the soft rubber cap. 

It has strong bold shoulders making this an uncompromising and masculine looking bottle. 


Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance 1.jpg


Carl what does Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance smell like? 

It doesn't have that aquatic fresh opening that you might expect. It has a very peppery front, and then the woody, earthy notes settle in. 

I'm guessing I was after something more summary, casual, afternoon-date or a brunch meeting in Lululemon. But in fact it's more serious. It has a leathery base and I try to discern the wood notes. I'm never to crash hot on distinguishing the sandalwood from the cedar wood. 

I'll revert to the quote from the master perfumer from Jimmy Choo, Nathalie Lorson

"I composed this set of textures around three impacting elements: the aromatic velvety texture of sage leaves, the grained and raw texture of leather and the smooth texture of sandalwood (that settles that one) to create a masculine and modern addiction." 


Would I buy Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance? 

Jimmy Choo Man Blue retails at £32, £46 and £66 for 30ml, 50ml and 100ml respectively. 

I would definitely have this fragrance on my shelf. It projects well, is undeniably masculine, has decent silage (I got 7-8 hours) and the spicy notes compliment my style. I'm not entirely sure it does what it says on the tin. I can't imagine myself getting on a skateboard with my white sneakers anytime soon. Leave that to the youngsters.