LAB Series Handling Your Oily Skin | Men's Skincare Oil Control

We all have oily skin because our glands produce a natural oil as a defence mechanism. However, some of you gentlemen might be experiencing some extra oil on the skin surface and that's why LAB SERIES, your source for innovative skincare for men, has introduced a three-step 8-Hour Oil Control System. I'll be getting into how you can use the Lab Series 8-Hour Oil Control System momentarily. First a couple of tips on how to treat your oily skin.


Don't over wash

As your skin is trying to help you by producing natural oils, you don't want to be over washing your face. Your job is to help your body maintain a smooth distribution of oil on your skin and of course, wash away any toxins or daily residue. By washing face too much you're stripping away the natural layers and your skin goes into oil producing over drive. Morning and Night cleaning is all that is required.


Your cleanser is harsh

You might be using a cleanser that is too abrasive, use a mild one. If you're using an exfoliator that has micro beads, then you need to carefully monitor how frequently you're using it. I recommend 3-4 times a week.


Too hot and too hard

Your skin shares none of the qualities of shoe leather. It shouldn't be attacked with brute force and you're more than likely being too aggressive when ex-foliating. Don't scrub the living crap out of it and don't scold the skin with hot water. Warm waters will open the pores, hot water will do it no favours.

Ok let’s get into looking at how Lab Series can help maintain your skin with a three-step 8-Hour Oil Control System.

The bottom line is you want skin that looks smooth and healthy. No 3pm shiny forehead. No 4pm greasy nose.

We mentioned earlier that your skin produces natural oils through the sebaceous glands, Lab Series is engineered to get oily skin under control by helping to regulate sebum production. Over time it's designed to fade discolouration and improve skin tone.

The cleanser, toner and moisturiser system helps diminish oil that can lead to breakouts, blemishes, and generally shiny skin.


LAB Series 3.jpg


What are the key ingredients that will help me get rid of my oily skin?

The advanced formulas feature Amazonian White Clay, famed for its ability to deep clean and detoxify skin, helping to absorb and remove excess oil that can lead to breakouts. (I have asked Lab Series where they source their Amazonian White Clay, other brands have it very loud and proud on their site. When they reply I'll update this post accordingly at the footer of the article).

Additionally, a Salicylic/Lactic Acid Blend includes Alpha-Hydroxy Acids & Beta-Hydroxy Acids, plus Willow Bark Extract, to help gently slough away dead skin cells and purify the skin.

(Crikey that reads like the ingredients to Astronaut food right?)

Below is a list of ways on how to use the Lab Series 8-Hour Control System:


Step 1: Purify & clear

Oil Control Clay Cleanser + Mask (Dual-Use Formula)

As a cleanser, it purifies skin & instantly eliminates oil, dirt, and debris with immediate, visible reduction in pore size for clearer-looking skin. As a mask, it unclogs pores of oil and debris that can lead to breakouts and provides instant mattification."


Step 2: Swipe away oil

Oil Control Clearing Solution

This two-phase toner swipes away oil and dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts and absorbs surface oil. With frequent use, it helps to regulate sebum production.


Step 3: Hydrate + 8-hour shine control

Control Daily Moisturiser

Oil-free moisturiser provides up to I hours of shine control for oily, blemish-prone skin and helps to diminish the appearance of pores for clearer-looking skin. It also helps fade discolouration's and even skin tone over time.