How Much of Attraction is Based on Looks?

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I want to know how much do women rate looks when it comes to attraction. The majority of women I talk to will tell you that the first thing they notice about a man walking towards them is the height. How does he carry himself? Then it's a case of working from south to north. What is he wearing on his feet? Followed by what is he overall style. Do his clothes fit? Is he slovenly or does he take pride in his appearance.

The looks are probably the last to come in to play.

So what are women looking at when it comes to a man and how can you fine tune these areas of your game?


Can I naturally increase my height?

There is some things that you're just going to have live with. Height being one of them. However, if you're hung up on height then you can always try some of these tricks.

Pile the hair. Assuming you have some, creating a top knot or some kind of buffoon really does gives a taller impression, again creating a more vertical line. Look for shampoo that will enhance the volume and accentuate appropriately without donning the Jedward.

Avoid horizontal lines. Yes, shame, you probably love that Breton striped tee and that leather belt that belonged to your Granddad, but they've got to go. The horizontal line that is created by the belt visually cuts the body in half.

Elongate the Neck. A long neck has the verisimilitude of length. If you're short with long hair, you'll be covering the neck and doing your height an injustice. V-necks are a decent way of exposing some extra neck but then you'll be wading into appropriate chest hair territory. 

Platform Shoes. Awhile back I highlighted the new collection from Parisian shoe maker Clergerie. They have some quite out-there designs but with a very exaggerated heel. Contradictory to that I'm going to tell you that you should pair the shoe colour with your pants, as Mia Du Plessis writes on Quora.

You need a shoe that does not contrast too heavily with trousers. Keeping your pants the same colour as your shoes will make it more difficult for the eye to distinguish where the leg ends and the foot begins. 


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Do women prefer muscular men?

This might sound like a no-brainer but there are some women that will scoff at the site of a muscular man. Remember Woody Allen has sex with countless women and do you think that guy ever benched more than his typewriter from one room to the other?

I've thumbed through a couple of studies that women’s past short-term sex partners would be more muscular than their other (longer term) sex partners. 

The findings show that women find muscular men sexually attractive but believe they are less likely to be committed, and further studies suggest women prefer less muscularity in a long-term partner. 


So should I bulk up? 

Women prefer muscles, no doubt about it. But judging by those studies, the women that go for muscles are not going to hang around for long. 

I'd recommend simply getting in between walking around weight and fighting weight. If you're currently in holiday weight mode, then you're going to have work twice as hard to get attention. 


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Finally, what about hair? Do women fancy bald guys at all? 

Jason Statham crushes more ass than you could possibly dream of. He's even called 'Handsome Rob' in the Italian Job remake and the dude is now 50 without a hair on his head. 

In truth some do. Some don’t. Older women are more likely to be okay with bald men than younger ones, but that's me being generalist, not based on fact. 

However, a blanket statement that does apply is that bald men are definitely more attractive than balding men.

If you shave your head it subliminally tells people you're transparent, have nothing to hide, women prefer those qualities. 

Alopecia can get you down. Luckily it's not something I have to deal with but it's one of many mens health issues that a lot of guys struggle with. 

A little side note that a lot of web forums will site Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Yul Brynner as the sexiest bald men of all time. Only two of these gentlemen were bald. Yul Brynner shaved his head, he was bald by choice. 

That's it from me, I hope you've taken away something from this article. Ladies if you have anything to contribute then please leave a comment in the box below.