Men's Skincare by Lqd

Lqd is an Australian brand developed by men for mankind. Free from all nasties with high quality active ingredients that are totally irritant free. They launched into the US last year and are just launching in the UK and are about to launch in Harrods in June. Their brand ethos is about a holistic approach to skin care. In essence, looking after your body and mind as well as your skin.  

The product range includes facial wash, shaving cream, post shave serum, facial scrub, moisturiser, eye serum and anti-blemish control and I've managed to trial them all.

Starting with the Shave & Calm, two products to use during the shaving process. The 'shave' product protects during shaving, softens hair whilst nourishes shaved skin. The Lqd post-shave product is called 'calm' which is fast acting, helps reduce redness from shaving, penetrates quickly and is moisture enriched. 

My next stage in a men's everyday grooming regime would be the facial skincare, scrub, wash and hydrate. First use the 'scrub' product a couple of times a week to remove dead skin and do-clog the skin. The product also helps renew the skin and stimulates collagen. Next, grab the 'wash' tube, which should be used as a daily face wash, this particular face wash from Lqd is deep cleansing and non foaming. Finally once your skin has been dried, use the 'hydrate' product which is a daily traditional moisturiser perfect for men due to its matte finish in appearance.

I've saved the more specialist products until last, which are 'blemish control' and 'eye restore'. I use both daily to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. The blemish 'control' product inhibits bacteria growth, opens obstructed skin pores, reduces sebum production, removes redness and stops skin drying out. Where the eye 'restore' product referred to by the brand as "botox in a bottle" helps stimulates collagen, reduces puffiness, reduces crows feet and reduces dark circles.