Quirky One Off finds to Everyday Essentials at Homesense

I’ve been one busy interior designer this week. After completing a new, improved area of the front room for my French bulldog Charlie (which you can view the results here), I’ve moved on to improving the general wow factor of my home with a couple of quirky one-off finds purchased at Homesense. I absolutely love traditional, historic features of houses mixed with modern interior design, however, unfortunately my London flat doesn’t have many original features. If you are in the same situation as me, you might want to invest in a couple of quirky eye-catching pieces of interior decoration. Something that draws your attention to whenever you walk into the home. For example a piece of incredible design or artwork.

What I love most about shopping at Homesense is that you could be shopping for quirky one off finds then also leave with some everyday essentials and vice-versa. Therefore when I just have a basic idea of what I want to buy but I’m also in serious need of some inspiration, I shop at Homesense. It is the not knowing what you’ll find that is exciting. We can thank the Homesense buyers for that as they are forever searching the globe for new exciting products rather than shopping in bulk for each season, it makes for quite a unique retail experience.

During my visit to the Greenwich Homesense store I grabbed a trolley and did a lap of the place, in and out of every aisle, browsing for inspiration but not making buying decisions *yet. What I found after picking up everything with a ‘wow, love that’ expression was that the quality of all the products was incredibly high. I recall the cushion, bedding and throw section was all neatly aligned based on colours, making it easy to pick the right products for your home interior. Everything had that quality feel to it and I feel in love with a super soft 100% wool throw. It wasn’t just the high quality materials used in the products on sale but also the expert level of craftsmanship. Dotted around the store were single one of a kind items, from a majestic hand-crafted wardrobe to beautiful foot stools. Even the gourmet food was out of this world, but I had to wait until I was home to figure that one out.

Whilst in-store and after doing my reconnaissance laps, I gravitated towards this large antique style clock with a black bezel, white numbering and rope detail that gave it a very rustic feel to it. This item would work perfectly either hanging on my brick wall in the dining room which will be one of the first things you’ll see when entering my home or on the floor, propped up against my existing furniture. How on earth was this only £39.99?

One quirky find down, one to go!

In typical Homesense style, I wasn’t after anything for my bedroom until I breezed past this mounted imitation rams skull. I like my bedroom to have a very dark, moody, masculine feel to it – a bit like a cool menswear store. So this small decorative item was a perfect fit.

Whilst shopping, I couldn’t resist purchasing a few everyday essentials to upgrade my existing (cracked) bowls and depleting collection of glasses, whilst also stumbling across this mirrored, copper serving tray.

So there you have another idea of how a few small pieces can transform the look and feel of your home, please find below the cost of everything that I’ve featured in this blog post and for under £100, I’m extremely happy with this result.

1 x Large Antique Clock £39.99
1 x Mounted Imitation Rams Skull £14.99
2 x Whiskey/Vodka Glasses £2.99 each
1 x Mirrored Copper Tray £24.99
3 x Patterned Bowls£2.99 each
Total £94.92

It would be great for you to also share you own Homesense finds and join the Homesense sharers by posting your unique finds or interior design using the hashtag #HomesenseFinds. To find the nearest Homesense store to you, use the store locator here.

*This post was created in collaboration with Homesense, part of the TK Maxx family.