The Kronaby Sekel Smartwatch Review

Kronaby is a part of Anima, a company that was founded in 2015 and specialises in purposefully designed smart, connected products. It is now making a significant push with its ambitious smartwatch collection into the SUV car-equivalent sector of the watch industry, the Hybrid - jostling for position in a very cramped sector of the watch industry along with Movado, Fossil and other large watch brands. On first impressions it's a very elegant looking timepiece. The entire collection is made up of four different lines and 24 variants, with unisex models. It's two-tone sterling silver plated dial face has a chic Sunray brushed finish, with contrast white around the applied indexes.

On the outside, it’s an authentic and beautiful timepiece made of materials and components that will stand the test of time. Its magic lies on the inside: we created a movement that can do more than just keep time. We call this approach human technology. This philosophy is the core of our work, from development to design.
— Kronaby

So they talk the talk, but how do they justify the price tag? What can it do that other hybrid smartwatches can't? You'll have to download the Kronaby APP, easy enough. Thankfully the APP is straight forward and I calibrated the the Kronaby Sekel to my smartphone in a matter of minutes. It's a great watch in many ways, and here are takeaways. 

It has some subtle vibration settings that you can amplify for priority. Letting someone know that they're on the maximum wattage of vibration alert has somehow become the ultimate modern day compliment. Conversely there is a Decline Call button, very handy for keeping me present and in the moment when in the company of others. 

I heard ahead of time about the modest amount of fitness-related features. For me this isn't really a problem. I burn most of my calories down the boxing gym and wearing this whilst sparring isn't practical. Any dog walker will tell you they enjoy step count goals. Earlier in the week I set my step goal from the app which meant an extra lap around the park for Charlie so he was happy. You have the option of viewing the progress as a percentage in the dedicated app section or on the secondary dial on the watch.

Carl Thompson.jpg

As well as a two-year battery life I'd say another great feature for someone like me is the vibration you get when you've been inactive for too long. This is crucial for someone like me when editing video or writing blog posts. Sometimes I can whistle 2-3 hours away sat at the desk and it's important that you take breaks. 

If I had to offer any criticisms, I could say the price point might be just a shade above what I would be willing to spend on a watch that is a Hybrid and not a dress watch. But only just. For a newcomer this Kronaby Sekel can prove it can definitely stand toe-to-toe with the big boys. 

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