Introducing Superdry Sport

If you haven't tried the Superdry Sports range before, now is the time to give them a chance and get your hands on it. Launching their brand new Superdry Sport collection during LCM, I had the chance to get my hands on a couple of pieces of their new range and it is very impressive. 

Out of the Superdry Sport's impressive range, I chose to style a classic combination of grey shorts with a black hoodie. My first impressions were wow this actually is really good stuff. Superdry wouldn't normally be my first choice for sports wear but after sampling their products, they need to be taken seriously. The quality is superb especially with the small detailed touches such as the draw strings and concealed zips. The fabric in the clothing that I wore was thick, which is perfect for mornings and cooler days...however in their range they also have more breathable thinner spring summer bits. 

Their collection retails at a reasonable price, especially for the quality you are getting. For example the running shoes are £54.99, shorts around £30-45 and you can pick up an amazing hoodie which you'll still be wearing this time in 10 years time for around £50-70.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer