Introducing the Men's Athleisure Sportswear Range by BAA Clothing

Athleisure is a massive growth area in men's fashion right now, with major brands bringing out complete ranges based on this lifestyle choice. As a man who wears a lot of sportswear, we are still a long way off the women's fashion led sportswear in terms of design options, but with brands like BAA Clothing launching new ranges, we now have a lot more choice when wanting to look great in the gym to coffee shop.

BAA Clothing are a startup focusing on a subtle black and grey palette for men and women - it's clothing based on clean lines and great tailoring. The clothing was delivered quickly when purchased online and packaged in a luxury box which resonates with the brands clothing which is clearly tailored using amazing comfortable fabrics.

Shout, and you’ll be heard. Whisper, and you’ve captured their attention.
— BAA Clothing

In this look I've kept things in keeping with the BAA Clothing style, dark, mysterious and casual. I'm wearing their zip t-shirt, layered underneath their zip-through hooded sweatshirt. My final piece of BAA Clothing piece is their padded sweatpants. Their clothing is very fitted, using fabrics that stretch and mold to your body shape so if you are in-between sizes, choose the larger option. I'm wearing medium. To finish off this look, I'm wearing Under Armour white sports socks, Adidas trail running trainers and a black strapped Rotary watch.

As always, if you like it shop it below.  



Photography by Ella H

Don’t Give up on Your New Year’s Resolutions

The title of this blog post says it all really. How many of us have already turned our backs on our water tight New Years resolutions, of course we were all going to 100% do them this year...right?! Well statistics suggest that around 30% of us will make some form of healthy eating, fitness type New Year's resolution and out of that number around 50% will admit to have failed at them. Well this year, the only resolution I made was to stay fit and healthy and I wanted to get back to my peak fitness of 2015 because 2016 was a year full of pints, pizza, burgers and that had to change. 

It is imperative in order to hit these new year's goals you'll need to stay focused and motivated. That could come in many different ways and is totally personal to yourself and your own lifestyle. However for me, I have made a few small but important changes to my daily routine which ensures that I do NOT give up on my fitness goals and become just another statistic.

Firstly it's the old adage 'look good, feel good' and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. So recently I have upgraded my gym & fitness wardrobe with some athleisure gear from Debenhams. Fashion and fitness are totally linked. You are more likely to go out if you have just brought a new shirt and need to road-test it in your local bar. The same applies for what you wear to the gym. If you buy some new athleisure clothing, you'll look great and you'll just have to show it off at the gym, otherwise it will be a waste of money and there is your motivation or incentive. 

I personally shop at Debenhams for my athleisure because they have such an extensive range for men and women. It makes it so much easier shopping online at Debenhams because they have all my favourite athleisure brands such as Under Armour, redherring, Gola and Regatta to name a few, all under the Debenhams online store and with only one delivery I have everything I need, including gym accessories and tech (which I'll get on to shortly).

Another thing that I'm improving on this year is to drink the recommended daily intake of water. Did you know that our body is made up of two thirds water, so it is really important to stay hydrated. Drinking the correct amount of water everyday will make you feel more alert, have less headaches and of course help combat dry dehydrated skin and I have personally seen a small difference with my dark circles around my eyes becoming a little lighter. A MAJOR factor in drinking enough water was this Joseph Joseph water bottle, which counts your water intake with a simple counting mechanism in it's cap. It may seem simple, but it is so easy to lose track on how much you have drunk, a glass here and there may not be enough.

As a tech and statistical addict, I need to know exactly how hard I'm pushing my body - so I can tailor my workouts based on these stats. Like I said before Debenhams have it all and I managed to get a new FitBit Blaze with my athleisure gear and water bottle. There are a few main attributes of the FitBit that I absolutely love. Firstly the design and the lightness of the watch is perfect, it is completely comfortable when exercising either in the gym, doing outdoor fitness or playing sports and for only £160 it is great value for money. Measuring the number of steps you make everyday is quite motivating because after using the watch for a week, I have wanted to beat yesterdays number of steps, so it keeps you active even when in the office or at home. When working out, I love to track my heart rate to see how hard I'm working then analyse the stats post workout to see if I could have worked harder for longer, increasing my fitness results. Finally I sleep with the FitBit on because it will remind you when to go to bed, based on when you want to wake up and your sleep needs. The FitBit will vibrate softly waking you up at the most optimal time based on your alarm and record the sleep statistics in the FitBit app.

Finally it may seem simple but I make sure I pack my gym bag every night ready to wake up and go. No faffing, no procrastination...just a get it done attitude!

It would be great to hear your motivation techniques and share them with me. Let's make sure we hit our new year's resolutions together and motivate each other.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

What to wear for the gym, running or general fitness

With summer holidays on the horizon, many of us are putting in the extra hours at the gym, running, yoga, boxercise, PT or group outdoor fitness classes. Whatever fitness regime you are currently into, I've put together my latest men's fitness look to help you look the part as well as feel it. If you are one of those people who still wants to find love the conventional way - bars, gym or work for example, rather than Tinder or Happn, it's time you ditched that hole-ridden, was once white but now light brown t-shirt and smarten up!

I have many reasons why I love to keep fit...if you haven't read about my Heart Operation, you can here. Not only for that reason but I'm getting ollllllllld and am still single, so I have to keep myself in relatively okay shape because finding the one over 30 gets incredibly difficult and every inch of fat is harder to shift. 

The entire fitness outfit above is from Adidas with exception of the socks which I purchased from Topman for about £3...winner. I wanted to stay away from standard white and black colours as I have so much sportswear in these colours already. So I decided to go for something a little more bold and I'm loving this teal/topaz/blue colour as it goes so well with greys and blacks. Most of us have grey and black shorts already, so by pairing them with a bold top can transform your look, simple but hopefully effective. When buying sportswear, always check the fit, fabric and size. The top in my look is a tight fitted, stretch elasticated fabric so you might want to go up a size rather than showcase your belly bulge from the meat-feast pizza you just ate on cheat day!



Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Introducing Superdry Sport

If you haven't tried the Superdry Sports range before, now is the time to give them a chance and get your hands on it. Launching their brand new Superdry Sport collection during LCM, I had the chance to get my hands on a couple of pieces of their new range and it is very impressive. 

Out of the Superdry Sport's impressive range, I chose to style a classic combination of grey shorts with a black hoodie. My first impressions were wow this actually is really good stuff. Superdry wouldn't normally be my first choice for sports wear but after sampling their products, they need to be taken seriously. The quality is superb especially with the small detailed touches such as the draw strings and concealed zips. The fabric in the clothing that I wore was thick, which is perfect for mornings and cooler days...however in their range they also have more breathable thinner spring summer bits. 

Their collection retails at a reasonable price, especially for the quality you are getting. For example the running shoes are £54.99, shorts around £30-45 and you can pick up an amazing hoodie which you'll still be wearing this time in 10 years time for around £50-70.



Photography by Rebecca Spencer