Are you also a bit of a spirit snob like myself? I tend to buy spirits for my home 'bar' (which is just a shelf in my kitchen!) that I have tried out in pubs and absolutely loved, normally through recommendations from friends. However now I have discovered Flaviar this has opened up the possibility of tasting the finest brands out their before purchasing a bigger bottle. Sounds good right! I just received my first tasting trio of whiskeys and looking forward to trying the Rum and Gin tasting selection in coming months.

These little tasting beauties were perfect last week when I had the boys over for our monthly poker night. They even ended up in the betting stakes, I'll see your Glenlivet and raise you a sip of my Dalmore 18years! 

So what is Flaviar and how do you join this club?

Flaviar is a Members Club that allows its members to enjoy and learn about an ever-
changing collection of craft and premium spirits by constantly searching for the finest, rarest and most unique expressions available.

Though it might not appear to be the case, there are still many great spirits out there that the average customer has trouble getting their hands on. Flaviar strives to offer its members access to an ever changing offer of interesting and exclusive items, including craft, big brand and private bottlings. As a cherry on top, shipping is FREE for Flaviar members. 

Flaviar members get access to exclusive and private bottlings. The first Flaviar private bottling, Deer, Bear & Moose, was released in December 2015. It was a 20­year old single malt Scotch, a 1995 private vintage from Tobermory distillery that sold out immediately. There are more private bottlings on the way, but these will continue to be available to members only.

Members receive a themed Tasting Box of spirits that comes accompanied with tasting notes and interesting quips, striking just the right balance between professional, educational and fun. By enabling members to sample the spirits side­to­side before buying them, Flaviar helps them to develop their own personal taste and make the right purchases. Members can rate and comment on spirits, gaining valuable insights in the process and sharing their thoughts with the community. 

 Flaviar - Tasting Pack

Flaviar - Tasting Pack