My final outfit blog post of 2016

December has been my busiest month by far on my blog, posting an massive 23 times and for a personal blog that is quite a lot. My posts have ranged from the normal fashion type posts, reviewing tech, a bit of travel and even an interior design post on 'How to create a feature wall'. This is quite a simple outfit of the day post for my final one for the year as frankly I want an early night to prepare myself for a big one tomorrow. Although the outfit does have two items that I would like to discuss in further detail.

I'm incredibly proud of how my blog and Instagram has grown this year as last year it was a little bit stagnant and didn't really have a voice. However this year, I've worked on my networking with PRs and other menswear bloggers and have met some incredible friends. IHere are a few honest interesting stats:

2015 Blog Posts - 97
2016 Blog Posts - 159

2015 Blog Page Views - 15,600
2016 Blog Page Views - 122,893

2015 Instagram Likes 29,040
2016 Instagram Likes 280,199

YouTube Views - 108,862

Anyway enough of the statistics, lets get on to the outfit post and what I'm wearing as it is a mixture of brands Reiss x Ted Baker x Hawkins & Shepherd.

Firstly I would like to mention the incredible made-in-Britain, 100% British cashmere camel over coat from Hawkins & Shepherd. This over coat is tailored by the finest hands and it shows in the detail of the stitching around the traditional peek lapels, the tortoiseshell buttons and the 100% silk lining. I've then shopped at Reiss to find a couple of pieces that equal the quality and luxury feel of the cashmere overcoat. Im wearing a cashmere grey roll-neck and formal trousers from Reiss. Finally I wanted to wear a pair of stand out shoes that were going to really turn heads and I found these at Ted Baker. The pair in the styled outfit above are from a new collection called 'Well Heeled' by Ted Baker. A new line of handcrafted footwear, eye-catching and expertly constructed by the finest of shoemakers. 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer