Wireless Headphone Review | Beoplay H8

The first time I saw Beoplay headphones was at a Mr Porter party a couple of weeks ago, the handphone design was incredibly eye-catching and I knew I had to have a pair. Well I'm now the happy owner of a pair of deep red Beoplay H8's. But firstly who are Beoplay or B&O Play? Well B&O Play is the brain-child of luxury brand Bang & Olufsen, which is where the B&O comes into play. Beoplay according to the website, delivers stand-alone products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life and delivery excellent high-quality experiences. 

Beoplay have a variety of different sets of headphones such as earphones for discrete everyday use, on the ear headphones (the H8's) and the new over the ear headphones (the H9's). The on-the-ear H8's as featured here fit perfect on your head without feeling too overwhelming. 

The Beoplay H8 headphones feature active noise cancellation which I can vouch for as exceptional by performing a few simple tests. Firstly when wearing the headphones and typing this blog, I can not hear the keys tapping away, I also missed a couple of deliveries due to not hearing the bell as well as a coffee that my flatmate offered me. The headphones are wireless via Bluetooth technology, however if you would prefer to use them via an audio cable you can. Another great feature of the headphones is their gesture control. Simply by performing touch movements you will be able to do specific actions such as swipe left or right (you know like tinder!) to skip or replay tracks. Click below to watch the short videos explaining all gestures.

The sound, as you would expect from Bang & Olufsen is incredible, the treble is crisp and clear whilst the base deep. Connecting to devices using Bluetooth doesn't mean that the quality of the sound deteriorates as the Beoplay H8's use Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX codec giving uncompromising sound, even if you are listening to music or on the phone. But other than an incredible sound, headphones have to look great and feel comfortable and the Beoplay H8's are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned due to quality materials being used. The ear padding is made from memory foam and lambskin for a super soft feel that moulds perfectly on the ear. The luxurious design is finished in carefully selected cows leather as well as sun-polished and anodised aluminium detail on the ear component.

Beoplay H8 headphones are availlable for £399 directly via their webbite or via a vareity of high-end product retail stores such as selfridges or online at Mr Porter. For a full list of stockists, click here.

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Photography by Oli Greaves