It’s easy to slip into old (and boring) habits with office wear: the same old shirt and tie combos, a worn out jacket, and some drab trousers. Are you guilty? It’s a simple formula that works, but it’s a lot easier to shake up your office wear than you might think. Take a read of my 5 office wear essentials...

The Friday Shirt

It’s a Friday and everyone’s ready to break out of the office and go for a pint, so meet your new favourite dual-purpose shirt. Smart enough to keep a professional aesthetic, but casual enough to go from office to bar by simply taking off your tie and rolling up your sleeves.


Brogues should be an essential item for any man, especially within their office wear wardrobe. Their classic style is incredibly versatile: they can be worn with a suit if you work in The City or with casual jeans if you’re a media or tech worker. 


One of the easiest ways to add a splash of colour or personality to simple office wear attire is with a pair of socks. They’ve fast become a statement piece. Go bold but keep it classy in rich and bright colours.

Tie/Pocket Square

Another way to add some colour and personality to your office wear is with ties and pocket square. But one of my personal preferences is to not match the tie and Pocket Square. Never over coordinate or overdo the pocket square, tie, and socks. Too many bold colours, or using the same colour too often will look like you’re trying too hard and will guarantee a few dodgy looks in the office.

Gym Bag

The final office wear essential has to be the gym bag. Fitness is a major part of most men’s lives and the easiest way to incorporate a good fitness routine is by working out before or after work. Make sure you get a gym bag large enough to comfortably fit in all of your kit, trainers, and protein shake. Avoid looking like a 90’s office reject by opting for a duffle or barrel bag instead.