London's best barbers | Men's grooming @ Ruffians

I think too many of us gents out there are settling for substandard haircuts from poorly trained hairdressers or barbers and the reason I think this is because about 5 years ago I used to be a 1 in that statistic. Getting your haircut can seem like a chore and therefore we spend less time researching good places and just go to the nearest one around where we live or from work. A quick 30 minutes and I can get on with the rest of my day kind of mentality. 

That has to change because barbering has come a long way in the last few years and places like Ruffians are at the forefront of this revolution. The shift from a quick "short back and sides please" to an experience where you can relax, work, have a drink, purchase some men's grooming products and of course get your hair cut are becoming the new normal.

Although Edinburgh is their true home, Ruffians now have 3 locations throughout London which are Covent Garden, Shoreditch and Marylebone and I'm sure their growth is going to continue so keep an eye out on their website for future openings. I went to the Marylebone branch which is just off Oxford Street on Wigmore Street, a perfect location to do some shopping, have some food around St Christopher's Place and now get an epic haircut and shave from Ruffians all a stones throw away from each other.

The store interior is low mood lighting, wooden paneling with a touch of industrial and copper finishing touches, whilst still being light and spacious - quite a feat. The staff are as expected polite, friendly and absolute, unquestioned masters of their craft. 

Just touching on the 'experience' aspect that I talked about earlier, whilst you are waiting to get your haircut just pull up a stall, get your laptop, macbook or phone out. Connect to their fast wifi and catch up on emails, stream a film, listen to music, whilst sipping away at a complimentary Ruffians pale ale or Monkey47 gin & tonic. I mean you had me won over at 'fast wifi'!

A full list of their services can be found here. Although an example of a couple are a 45 minute haircut package, which includes a consultation, shampoo & condition with a scalp massage, cut, finish and style. Or how about just popping in for a 15 minute quick beard tidy up? 

Gone are the days of booking yourself in for a haircut a week in advance of a special event because you had to 'give it time to grow out' - a haircut should be perfect the moment a barber has finished with their cut, finish & styling. 




Photography by myself & Adam Bodini