Top Places for Brunch in Canggu, Bali


Back in Bali people. That will be for sure, the name of my next coffee table book. It's my predictive text response for where people ask where I am currently. Admittedly it's been quite the tour. Hopefully my travel tips and Vlogs have been of use for anyone looking to travel to Sydney, Bali, Philippines, Singapore etc. 

Today I'm going to extend my travel advice in Bali, and give you all the best top places for brunch in Canggu. 


It's true what they say about Crate in Canggu, they really do have the fastest internet in town. An amenity not to be underestimated for a travelling blogger looking to upload his vlogs and insta stories. 

You'll look to pay 200k for 2 meals and 2 smoothies. (Just over 10 GBP which is more than digestible, pun intended).  

Great for INSTA photos, everything is presented like it was designed for a fitness magazine supplement. Extra bonus points for free refills (not sure if that was just for me) and for brewing your own brand of coffee. 


The most amazing smoothie you'll find in all of Bali can be sourced at Motion cafe. Go for the Banana Gluten free smoothie and pancake and thank me later.

The food is fresh, full of flavour, healthy and always filling! Places for parking the scooter are available. Might sound obvious but not all cafes in Bali offer this. 


The air conditioning inside is a God send. Especially for those just coming from a training session. (You may have seen me in boot camp a couple of times on my INSTA stories. I feel like I'm training to take on Drago out here). 

The prices are very reasonable and the location is just a stone's throw away from Batu Belig Beach.


Seriously recommend the smashed avocado on toast and ricotta corn fritters. It's great for people watching as you can sit outside and watch the world and his dog go by. 

Healthy and delicious and I found NUDE had the best service of all the cafes in Canggu. Remember to smile people, it doesn't take much. 


I found Oka's Bakery to be the best place for value for money. Generally eating in Canggu is relatively cheap. But if you're traveling on a real budget then this place is the best. Great espresso machine coffee, big portions of food and very delicious sweets like the snow balls. 

Recommend the breakfast wrap. 


Some of the best Vegan options in Canngu. Not exclusively Vegan however. I recommend the beetroot hummus, the best I had in Bali. 

It's a very popular spot and good for socialising if you're looking to share stories with fellow surfers, travellers etc. 



London's best brunches: Caravan City at Bloomberg Arcade

The City of London is getting its buzz back with one of THE most exciting restaurant launches of 2017, Caravan is rolling in to the City of London. There is a real resurgence around the City right now, sparked initially by The Ned opening in May 2017 and now Caravan opening its doors in October. Let the battle of the brunches commence as the all-day-dining market is about to get tasty!

Caravan has been a Londoner's favourite for many years with restaurants already established in Kings Cross, Bankside and of course Exmouth Market. It's easy to see why all Caravan restaurants are an absolute success story. They have all the characteristics of what you should look for when searching for the perfect brunch or all-day-dining establishment. A relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, exceptional coffee, amazing cocktails and I haven't even touched on the menu and the quality of the food yet that combines bold flavours with healthy ingredients. From 7am weekdays you'll be able to sample the newly created breakfast menu put together for Caravan City as well as offering an express take-out option of coffees, smoothies, juices and daily bakes for those of you pushed for time.

But first coffee. How true is that statement! Caravan take their coffee as seriously as their food, if not more so and have created their very own Caravan Coffee Roasters which they even wholesale to other coffee shops around London and the UK. There are rumours they will open their own stand-alone flagship store soon but I'll keep you updated on any developments with that. 

As well as catering for all our caffeine needs, Caravan's legendary weekend brunch has also undergone an evolution – sourdough pizza will be on offer from 12 noon and the whole menu is new, except for timeless classics such as baked eggs, avocado on toast and the Caravan fry.

The new site is split across three levels and will accommodate reservations and walk-in guests across two dining rooms and coffee / cocktail bar. A mezzanine space will offer a tranquil spot for laptop workers by day and by night will become a space for private dining, coffee and food masterclasses, demos and a destination for collaboration. A large outside terrace will sit alongside a calming water installation and will be the perfect spot to dine al-fresco in the City.

Caravan City opens its doors on the 2nd October 2017 at 07:00 just in time for the early risers. You can keep updated (via a countdown clock) regarding the launch over on the Caravan Restaurants website

Address: Caravan City 22 Bloomberg Arcade, London EC4N 8AR.
Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 07.00 – 22.30 Saturday: 10.00 – 22.30 Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00 Bar: Open till late