Home Cooking Made Easy

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I know everyone works hard and think they work harder than the next person and I'm no different. I've spent my whole working life being a grafter, I would prioritise working hard, putting in the hours and building relationships ahead of academic qualifications, rightly or wrongly thats just playing to my strengths. Mix in a hectic work life with dating, spending time with friends, family, fitness classes and of course watching Love Island and you are left with frankly no time at all. On a mission to gain back as much free time as possible, I signed up to Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh produce including meat, fish, vegetables, herbs etc to your door. Not only that but you'll receive healthy recipe cards to assist you in cooking the meals with all of the ingredients that you have been given. The convenience is what appealed to me, shopping done on my behalf, recipes laid out with easy to follow instructions and all of the recipes that I have tried so far have taken no longer that 30 minutes to prepare and cook. It does help if you have some good equipment to speed things up. I got my hands on Japan's finest knife the Yaxell Chefs Knife and if it is good enough to finely slice some tuna sashimi it's certainly good enough to be in my kitchen!

A couple of years ago my kitchen was full of equipment and utensils that were about 10 years old, pans that have lost all of their non-stick about 7 years ago but still going strong. Knives that you had to pierce tomatoes with the tip of the knife before you could attempt to slice it...don't even get me started on how difficult it was to cut through butternut squash! Slowly I have been upgrading, new knives & forks, new pans and this month was the time to invest in this glorious new set of knives that I brought from Steamer Trading Cookshop, who are exclusive retailer in the UK for Yaxell knives.

So what do you think of my first Hello Fresh stir fry? These are my next weeks recipes: