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It can be quite a drag turning up to work and seeing the milieu of boxy grey suits on display. You don't want to be making up the numbers in this department so why not get yourself some suitable armament, a great wardrobe for the workplace. 

In my latest YouTube video, I'll walk you through a couple of handy hints on how I approach my working day. 

I've worked in I.T for most of my life, dressing for the office was a routine that I actually relished and lead me to run my own e-commerce store Hawkins & Shepherd


I'd start with upping your organisational skills. Dedicated tie drawers are a must for me, with classic patterns and motifs, but vibrant hues such as lilac or ivory work well. I'm a huge advocate of contrast, light colours with darker coloured suits. 

I even take into consideration that my hair is dark, so it would be redundant for me to wear dark shirts (which are often frowned on in the work place). However, a friend of mine who is bald regularly wears black shirts because it breaks up the look of white head, white shirt. 

What kind of suit is best for the office?

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Hands down it's pin stripe. Next question? A lot of men will sweat over the kind of colour or pattern etc., but you need to be thinking of your environment. Do you have a long commute? If so go for a lighter but robust fabric. I recommend anything mohair. Mohair is a good choice because it is crease resistant and drapes incredibly well. 

Perhaps look at getting an extra pair of trousers when you buy a suit as it's typically the seat and the crotch area that will go first. If you're buying an extra pair of trousers you should be able to negotiate a good discount with your tailor. 

For accessories, it's very much how an actor approaches cosmetic surgery. You want to look great, but don't want to look like you spent 30 grand on hair implants. (Not sure that really cemented my point). 

Point is, have some interesting bracelets, learn a pocket square fold or two (I normally go for the Scallop Pocket Square fold) and a tie pin also tells people you don't mess around. 

Finish the look with some High Shine Oxford Shoes and some statement socks. 

Let me know what you think of the video, make sure you're checking out Base London shoes for their competitions and exclusive offers. 

How I Get Ready For a Date | Men's Grooming & Fashion Advice

You're getting ready for the biggest date of your life, or week, depending how much of a woodsman you are.

I've just uploaded a new tutorial to my YouTube channel, giving you run down on how I get myself in the groove. In this article I'll give you the highlights reel on the MUST DO's to get you ready for that big first date

I've also teamed up with Base London to give my readers a chance to win a Base London £100 Gift Card and a Carl Thompson first date grooming kit.

I've included all the details at the bottom of the article but first, guys let's get you prepped. 

Get in the mood with ..  

I want to get in the mood, put a little Marvin Gaye on Let’s Get it On. Only joking. Normally I go for a bit of Jacko, I want to Rock with you or something equally as cheesy, don't ask me to sing it. Or how about a bit of Bobby Womack, Across 110th Street? Yessss now we're talking.

Make sure you're bopping around to a song that empowers you and gets you relaxed.  

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What's in my grooming kit? 

OK give the cash register a nice facial scrub. I currently using one from Lab Series, they're riding the crest of a wave at the moment these guys and I can see why. Makes my face feel really fresh, wakes me up! 

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Not all the girls like a man with a beard, so I make sure mine doesn't look to scabrous. I tame the beast with a bit of American Crew Beard serum

Moving onto the skin, I use the Clinique Maximum Hydrator moisturiser.

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul right? So got to have a little window dressing. Eye contact on dates, so important. I have been using Perricone MD for as long as I can remember. 

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What about my hair? 

You need something that is going to do your hair a solid service for the date, especially if you're going straight from work to the date. 

I use David Beckham's House 99 Pomade; it can give a decent enough hold for 8-9 hours before it starts to lose its lustre. 

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And the best Aftershave for a First Date? 

Keep that aftershave light and fresh, you don't want to overpower the poor girl or else she'll want to dine on one of those tables from that Bruce Wayne used to entertain Vicky Vale.

(That is a timely reference from 1989 and if you get that gag, then let’s go out for a beer). 

The best first date aftershave out there right now is Tom Ford Noir de Noir. It's pushy, but not assertive. 

Why I dress casual on a first date

Suits are too stiff for a first date, that's why I dress light

What’s the most important rule for light dressing? Go easy on the white wine vinegar but plenty of turmeric. Oh you mean clothes? Gotcha, (I have better jokes, haha) light dressing.

You should wear something that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Dates can be quite nerve racking; you don't want to feel rigid in an outfit you hardly wear.

I have my go-to outfit. 

Before you leave the house remember? 

If you've met her online give her profile one last eyeball before heading out. Look for some veiled clues, like if she's been traveling we can talk about places she's been that I might have been also.

Some people call that semi-stalkery, I call it good old fashioned research.



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