Versace V-Urban Watches Reviewed

Today I'm going to take a look at the V-Urban Versace Watch from the Versace – Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. 

On first glance it has a very mesmeric quality. The white kaleidoscopic-esque sunray dial pulls you into the watch and allows the finer details to unravel around it. 

This watch for men takes inspiration from vintage aesthetics. Harking back to the elegance of yesteryear and, in particular, watches from the 50s and 60s.

You can see the vintage hallmarks expressed and embodied in the watches simplicity. The deft-design,  understated in size with meticulous details, it features an ultra-flat case that is perfect for more formal looks.

You can have the options of the double-stitched tobacco coloured leather Butterfly buckle (my personal favourite) or the more ostentatious two-tone steel with middle links in IP gold Butterfly buckle. 

I'd love to know how this watch is received by the hardcore Versace fans. Naturally I'm a fan, I seriously recommend you catch The Assassination of Gianni Versace wherever you can. I'll leave a link to the Netflix series here

I've always found Versace to be one of the most important pioneers for women’s fashion. The way he wanted to make them feel empowered, sexy and independent in his clothes. A quote from Gianni Versace from the book 'The World's Most Influential Fashion Designers reads 'Fashion has to be free to express personality and individuality. I always look for people who are out of the crowd, who are individuals, who are free, who have a real sense of style, which means their own sense of style.'

These words sum up my entire philosophy on fashion. So does this watch echo the late Gianni's believe? 

For my money it does. The watch has a very unique style and visual feel. Perhaps with the steel bracelet could be mistaken for a Rolex Datejust 36 Champagne Burst, but only from afar and there are many distinguishable differences between the two. 

It has the Versace stamp with the Medusa at 12 o’clock. Versace fans will love that. 

Minimalist yet decidedly chic, it is an accessory with a metropolitan calling. A must have for the classy Versace man. Available now in Versace boutiques, authorised retailers and online at (Currently 825 GBP at the time of writing).