6 of the Best: Fashion YouTubers I’m watching Religiously Right Now


Today I'm going to give you all a little insight into some of the fashion YouTubers that I've been watching recently. I've not updated my own Vlog in a while as I've been playing a bit of catch up since I've got back from Australasia. 

Of course you're going to know about the heavy hitters for example the Ali Gordon's of the world. I'm going to broaden the landscape and talk more about the up & comers you should be checking out. 


I've enjoyed listening to this one. My friend Pete Brooker and Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond have started a dedicated YouTube channel, a flanker of their podcast From Tailors With Love. It's got humour, it's educational and the chemistry between them is fantastic. 

Check out the episode where Pete goes to Hoi An, Vietnam to in pursuit of getting his own Roger Moore Safari Jacket made. 


Sticking with the James Bond theme for now is David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience. David is considered the tip of the spear when it comes to getting the scoop on all the latest James Bond attire.

Even the brands Daniel Craig has been seen wearing on set in leaked press shots have been identified and reviewed on David's YouTube channel. 


Away from the realms of James Bond, is the Ultimate Fashion History by Amanda Hallay. The videos are very informative and excellently put together in PowerPoint animated slides with Amanda's playful and charming narration. 


Ok shameless plug, but at just under 10k subscribers I'm still the underdog amongst the big boys. I'll be publishing Vlogs on my latest Jewellery range soon as well as more videos about promoting mental health awareness, my take on all the latest Summer trends and lots more. 

You can also find really helpful videos on the fundamentals, like how to tie a bow tie, how to iron a shirt etc. 


A quick shout out to Base London as they really put a lot into the production of their videos. I was lucky to be invited and do a shoot for them for a feature entitled, What to Wear on a First Date. You can catch that below. 


This guy's number one asset is consistency. Consistently good videos every week pushing content on luxury unboxing, reviews, hauls, styling tips and more focusing on menswear, tailoring, perfume, watches and jewellery.