Baxter Pacific Cannabis | Fragrance Review

Baxter Pacific Cannabis.jpg

Let’s talk Cannabis shall we? Full disclosure, I do not smoke cannabis, it's never been my thing. However, it's fast become an area of cultural interest to me. Especially with the rise of CBD oil, I spent a day researching the topic and you can find a link to my findings here

With that in mind let’s take a look at Pacific Cannabis; a new fragrance from Baxter of California. This fragrance is more appropriately marketed as a love letter to the city of California. Based on ingredients and locations that are synonymous with Los Angeles, they have set out to capture the essence and spirit of the city to bring you a new kind of fragrance. 

Has it actually got any Cannabis in it? 

In a word no. Cannabis Accord is used to stimulate the best parts of the natural cannabis leaf with a mix of essential oils and notes, with no actual cannabis used (no THC). Clear as mud? 

That said it's a great marketing ploy and it does raise an eyebrow. You have to ask do you want to go around smelling like cannabis? Well in truth, even if you did, you won't with this fragrance. 

You have an opening of Pink Pepper, Rosemary essence and Bergamot which has an extremely spicy and surprisingly exotic allure. It's not overly strong, but it has presence. I would also caveat the fragrance plays a neat tune in that it feels oddly familiar. Almost nostalgic, yet it's playful and modern. It's not a luxury scent, but it has a very fresh feel. I think that's the best compliment I can pay to the fragrance is that it has captured that LA vibe. Where creatives can flourish. The world is your oyster and so on. 

I never got anything other Tonka and Lavender on the dry down. And it didn't seem to last that long on my skin. I had a cautious one spray on my wrist and I couldn't locate that two hours later. Although that's not to say that a few more sprays wouldn't give it more longevity. 

I think the fragrance is a decent ice breaker for conversations. It is unique and I did get compliments. It certainly draws a laugh when I told my friend I'm wearing Cannabis. 

I recommend you seek it out and see for yourself. I would compare this with a middle of the range aqua parfum, if you like Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria you'll enjoy this.