Ralph Lauren Polo Red Rush | Fragrance Review

Today I'm going to review the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Rush. Although it's been out over a year, I wanted to bring it to the front of mind for some people that are looking for a punchy slick scent. 

The commercial featuring global ambassador Ansel Elgort oozes elegance, cloaked in a film noir red-pseudo that expresses intimacy, nihilism and some kick-ass Mustang Shelby's.  

The bottle is a typical metallic grey with a red insignia. It suggests a lighter scent, perhaps more suitable for summer. It's the fourth instalment for the Polo Red series. Polo Red was launched in 2013, Polo Red Intense in 2015, Polo Red Extreme in 2017 and now we have Polo Red Rush. 

The notes from the Polo Red Rush are aromatic fruity musk, cedar, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, lavender, saffron, pineapple, lemon, red apple, mint and orange blossom. 

First thing you'll notice when spraying is that the distribution on the atomiser is fantastic. A wide spray and the cap seals shut with a click. Very sturdy and you can lift the bottle by the cap which I like.

I was first hot a juicy burst of apple. There is a real notable sweetness and citrus opening and it's very pleasant. Not intrusive but also not overly original. I have the Jean Paul Gautier Popeye and I felt this really hit the same notes, but not as well. 

I did enjoy the woody dry down and I've heard some rumblings that people would have preferred it to stay sweeter, but I'm more inclined to have the maturity of the Cedarwood rather than the citrus lasting on my skin. 

I would caveat that by saying I think this has a lot of range and versatility. It's not an aqua parfum, but fits neatly into a sporty genre as well as transcending the summer and Autumnal seasons. 

I do think it's probably the weaker of the collection, but I'm still talking about a very enjoyable scent that I'm sure will grow on me overtime.