M Summit 191 Executive Suites in Penang, Malaysia | Hotel Review

M Summit 191 sounds like a cologne that Roger Federer would endorse, or maybe a Liam Neeson hijack movie where he plays a troubled anti-hero with a special set of skills. It's actually a 23-storey spire standing proud in the heart of George Town, housing 96 executive suites available in 6 different interior designs, to match all your business travel needs.

The lobby features an elongated black marbled desk with white veins covering meshed grills that encase a boxed alcove made of European pine. This wood tone is consistent with a centre-piece composed from tubular tiered stalactites, almost like some goliath had taken a calculated bite out of the pipes of a cathedral organ. 

Imagine in your minds-eye, the best WeWork office imaginable. One that is brand new that targets the business market with an electric white board in every room plus free legal advice. Not every hotel has to come with a pool in order for you to relax. My idea of relaxation is not having to worry about parking when I arrive at a hotel (complimentary parking at automated tower car parking) having a concierge on hand 24 hours (God do I sound like Madonna?) and above all, fast free internet (high speed internet up to 50 mbps). 

Whether is a corporate meeting, seminar, social event or even an exclusive wedding reception, Summit 191 with state of the art technology will ensure your show and planned event has everything you need. The combination of old and contemporary design ranging from the Peranakan to Modern European style room facilitates an odd sense of familiarity, or as they would like to coin, the feeling of "home Feel"

The hotel is very much geared towards the working professional. Speaking to some of the locals they evangelised about the 6 types of suites on offer and how they were accommodated with projectors, screens, printers and microphones for their meeting requirements. For the tourists its location in the heart of Penang City makes it easy to navigate. You can access Penang's city highlights such as malls, famous hawker food stalls and even some museums with transportation services provided. 

Overall a very relaxing visit and an enviable, stylish work space I wish we had back in London.