PARK ROYAL Penang Resort | Hotel Review

Located along the beautiful shorelines of Penang, PARKROYAL Penang Resort boasts spacious areas accentuated with modern décor and local touches. Put simply, this place is a living-breathing screensaver. The arrival into the recently remodeled lobby is frictionless. Wooden slats hover over the porte cochere, suspended in an ethereal and syncopated fashion.

For dining; the expansive all-day dining outlet, Cinnamon, serves up authentic local and Asian cuisines. It's one of these places you don't quite know where to look. The flooring of this outdoor dining area is made of vibrant Peranakan-inspired tiles that reminiscent of Penang’s Peranakan heritage, whilst the ceiling is adorned with the same wood-tone motif found above the reception. Imagine the sort of place David Bowie would hang out if he was still alive and filming a cameo for some arthouse Christopher Nolan flick.

Okay, I get it Carl it's all singing and dancing, but what is the WiFi reception like and can you get the movie channel on the tele in the bedroom? I can confirm that all guest rooms are now equipped with interactive television and the WiFi is lightning, making it an ideal place for working travelers like me. (Yes I didn't spend all day in the pool drinking Jungle Bird's, eating foie gras canapes).

A nice touch to the room were the day beds, accompanied with bolster and throw pillows that were just ideal for slinging on the balcony, from which you can see the monkeys in the trees feeding morning and evenings.

One minor complaint, although it could fall under the header of a 'societal problem' is that there was seeming a lack of sun beds and parasols. Unfortunately, this encourages man to be territorial as guests start to claim their loungers by placing a towel on it. Which is fine if you're just nipping to the bathroom and don't want to lose your spot, but not if you're heading out to the beach and won't be back for five hours. The towel on the lounger is the modern day equivalent of planting a flag in the ground (we've all seen Far and Away right?) and historically, before planting a flag and claiming a land you had to conquer the forces willing to fight for their claim. I say if someone wants to put a towel on a lounger it's game on, but surely there must be a spirited duel (civilised of course) before that claim is given. Not sure what the hotel can do about this, it's not a problem that is exclusive to Park Royal. 

Overall a pleasant stay, an immaculately turned out hotel, perfect location by the beach and you can't fault the service from the front of house to the bar staff; all highly approachable and accommodating. I can't wait to stay here again.