Laser Teeth Whitening Review

A few years ago I was obsessed with whitening my teeth, to the point of getting them brilliant-white and even going on a few holidays to get a tan, as having a tan makes your teeth look whiter. Next came the stage of the baristas, where I was drinking coffee at least 4 or 5 cups a day, so my teeth gradually went from brilliant-white to a stained shade of yellow over this 3 year period. As a fashion blogger and getting my photo taken on most days, I was terribly conscious of how my teeth looked if I smiled on camera or if on TV or YouTube, which is when I knew I had to do something about it.

I've tried a lot of different teeth whitening treatments from whitening pens, whitening strips, custom trays, home whitening kits, coconut oil and of course laser whitening. This is only a personal opinion but I really do not get along well with these home whitening kits. It's mainly because I really hate the taste of the gel and when administering it myself at home, I always get that horrible taste in my mouth which really puts me off using them for maintenance. 

Laser teeth whitening is always my first choice because you have a professional administer the gel and you get to use a gum guard which means you do not get any of that nasty tasting gel in your mouth. Plus the whole thing only takes about an hour, so you are in and out very quick and if you have results like mine, you'll teeth will be a few shades whiter.

I headed over to 'The Harley Laser Specialists' as they are renowned for getting great laser teeth whitening results. They are located at 1-7 Harley Street, when you arrive for your appointment you have to sign in at the reception at 1 Harley Street, which is their main reception. You'll then get called to 7 Harley Street which is where the treatment rooms are. You'll be asked to fill in a standard medical questionnaire then you'll have your before teeth shade analysed. Once the treatment starts the preparation of the gel and gum guard takes about 5 minutes and the laser treatment is done in 2 x 20minute sessions. Finally once completed you'll get your after treatment teeth analysed for the difference in shade - then you are ready to leave straight away. One hour is all you need, so it's even possible to do during your lunchtime break from work.

Before the treatment started my teeth shade was an S18 and afterwards an S6 and that is genuine as I matched my teeth to the charts personally. I'm so happy with the results and finally I can smile again with confidence and it has also given me the incentive to try harder to maintain the gains. I'm writing this article 24 hours after I had my treatment and I have little to zero sensitivity on my teeth and gums. So if you are also a fashion blogger, someone that works in TV, you have a wedding coming up or just just want to look better...check out this treatment.

Whilst I was at The Harley Laser Specialists clinic, I had a look at what other offers they do and if you are after any kinds of hair removal treatments, you should check them out as they have spcial offers on most of the time. I havent had any of these treatments personally, so cannot offer a review however, go check them out online for a full list of thir serivces.