DRAKES OF LONDON: My First Laser Rehab Facial

Lets be honest for a second. We all care about how we look whilst hoping, nigh preying that we are going to age well because if you are anything like me (36 and single), you're going to need your youthful looks for a little longer than expected! We are living out our lives more and more through social media where images are overly edited and videos filtered with a dog filter which makes your skin look perfect. These edited images are used on our tinder profiles to our Linkedin profiles but rarely show a true reflection of ourselves. I mean, would you rather a) look average on social media but when everyone sees you in the flesh, they think, wow you look incredible in real life. Or b) look incredible on social media but when everyone sees you in the flesh, they think, wow you look absolutely nothing at all like your social media self? For a blogger who uses editing and filtering A LOT, I'm not here to preach about how we should all be more natural because that would just be hypocritical. But what I would say is that editing yourself will only last so long and the key to looking great and feeling great is to look after your skin with a little pampering from time to time.

Today about 6 hours ago to be exact, I headed over to Drakes of London which is a short 3 minute walk from Fulham Broadway tube station on the District Line to trial their new 'Laser Rehab Facial' treatment. 

This treatment evens out skin tone, lightening pigmentation, redness reduction and minimisation of open pores. Plus, it also boosts the skin’s natural supply of collagen and elastin to give the recipient plumper looking, more hydrated skin - all exclusively tailored to the male skin. For guys who suffer from skin redness or those thin red veins caused by alcohol and smoking, this treatment could offer an amazing transformation.

On arrival, I checked into the Drakes of London relaxation room complete with a leather sofa, flatscreen TV, a fridge full of beverages and GQ magazines whilst I filled in the consent form before my treatment began. Make sure you allow an extra 10 minutes on top of your treatment time if you are working out how long everything will take or putting payment on the car parking metre.

For a price of £99 you'll get an 80-minute treatment which will start with a fully comprehensive consultation to decipher your skin care needs and any specific problem areas that need to be addressed. Following this, their dedicated skincare therapists will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, with extractions if required. Next, laser will be used on the cheeks, nose and forehead and the treatment will finish with a soothing facial mask to calm the skin and a shoulder massage to ease away any tension. No down time means you will be free to go on about your daily activities with a fresher, brighter and revitalised complexion.

Of course when anyone says they are using lasers in a treatment you can be a little apprehensive. Add in that they are using the lasers on your face and it can be quite worrying to say the least. However the laser part of the treatment takes very little time (mine took about 3 minutes) and each 'zap' of the laser feels like someone has flicked your face...not painful at all. I was also worried about pain and redness after the treatment, but there was none.

The DRAKES OF LONDON Fulham HQ is an oasis for the modern man. Situated just 200 yards from Fulham Broadway station, the ground floor comprises of a traditional yet modern men’s barber shop, while a luxurious male grooming salon spans the entire first floor. What’s more, customers can enjoy free beers from the fully stocked fridge while relaxing on the sumptuous leather sofas in the waiting room. This teamed with the free wifi and classic movies on show means you’ll never want to leave!