After a 12 year career in the City of London, it is safe to say that workwear is well into my comfort zone. Wether it is for an important meeting or to impress your work crush, I know how important it is to look good in the office. Sometimes we can get lazy with our workwear fashion but the chances are we are going to meet 'the one' during a work event or at work, so guys...you should make more of an effort. Plus 5 out of 7 days (for most of us) are spend at work, so you should be buying clothes that have the fabric quality, design and tailoring to last.

In these 3 looks, I have tried to show diversity. Tie, no tie, pocket squares, silk scarves and different spring/summer shirt on-trend colours (White, Pink & Mint). Each look can easily be dressed up or toned down for a #ThirstyThursday or #FriYay (sorry about that last hashtag!). I've used all of these blazers in smart-casual attire for bars at the weekend with skinny jeans, so you are able to justify the investment.

All the looks are available from Hawkins & Shepherd, a small London based brand launched 3 years ago focusing on quality fabrics, design, tailoring and customer care. H&S are traditionally a shirt makers, whose signature shirt is the pin collar and if you have watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice you'll be very familiar with this on-trend classic shirt. So if you are after something different to the boring, same old London's shirt-makers (you know who they are!) - shop Hawkins & Shepherd to look unique rather than the same as the guy who you sit next to at work.



Photography by Ella H. Photography