Dog walking can be a tricky sartorial affair, on one hand you want convenience, on the other you want warmth and somewhere in-between you want style because you never know who you'll meet whilst walking your dog . My dog walking priorities are generally to keep dry, warm and don't forget the poo bags. What I wear is a bit of an after thought, as I have never had anything that ticks all the boxes, well until now that is! I'm a little bit gutted that I have only just found Jöttnar outerwear in time for Spring, when I could have been wearing their gear all through winter, into spring and some cold summer mornings.

Normally when I walk Charlie, he gets all of the attention, in fact I'm pretty sure must other dog walkers call me Charlie as well because they can not remember my name - I'm irrelevant! Its a sorry state of affairs when your dog dresses better, looks better and frankly smells better. Today I took a step in the right direction of being remembered for more than just Charlie's owner. 

On occasions, yes, I have worn tatty tracksuit bottoms, even my check PJ bottoms and many other suitably unfashionable clothing for walks (normally the early morning walks though, when no one is around to judge). I've also been way too over dressed on occasions but after 3 years of proud dog ownership I've got my style on point! 

In this look I'm only wearing a single high performance yak wool base layer from Jöttnar. I'm an athletic build and the fit is perfect for me, it shows off all of my muscly bits of my body without being too skin tight. The grey and burgundy design is awesome, I love it so much. Yak wool has excellent temperature regulating properties, it’s soft to the touch, stretchy and luxurious to wear perfect for spring.

Yes the base layer is warm, but it is still spring and these mornings are still cold, in fact so are the afternoons and evenings! So you'll need something a bit extra to keep the wind chill off. I've worn the Jöttnar Alfar Mid Layer Mountaineering Jacket in black/grey with red trim. When you first put on the jacket, it is light, warm and fits perfectly. If you are a larger build and have had way too many beers and curry nights out with the lads, I would suggest going up a size. 

Dog walking is far from mountaineering, so I don't feel I have put these products to the ultimate test but as far as style, comfort and practicality Jöttnar have nailed it. If you want to find out more about them and the amazing design features of their products such as hand warmers, anti snag hem draw cords, secure internal storage, stretch fabrics and wind proof zips, you can visit and shop online at www.jottnar.com/uk

Jöttnar are a British brand co-founded by Tommy and Steve, former Royal Marine commandos and lifelong mountaineers, climbers and skiers. They were together in the Norwegian mountains during a fierce Arctic winter when inspiration took hold: the development of technical outdoor clothing that would protect against the raging brutality around them, whilst capturing the purity and elegance of the Scandinavian landscape. So they founded Jöttnar.



Photography Holly Harwood