Books + Beer | Time to Bin the Box-sets

Today I'd like to talk to you about Books and Beer. Sounds a great cop-buddy duo from the 70's right? Books is a learned detective with 10 years on the force. He has a resplendent moustache and immaculately dressed in 3-piece city tweed suits. Beer can do shoulder rolls across the hood of an SUV and doesn't wait for back up. 

I'll be the first to admit that in the advent of Netflix, box-sets etc, there's been a huge disparity between the books I currently own and the books I've read. Meaning I have every intention of reading books when I buy them, yet find the months tick by and they've sat on the shelf, unmolested by eyes and hands. 

Well today's the day I end this procrastination. Especially with the launch of Books + Beer, a brand new subscription box inviting members to relax and take time to broaden their minds with fascinating reads and a couple of the finest craft beers.

Reading has always been a stabilising influence for me. However, I spend so much time reading and researching articles, that I've become like the chef in the restaurant that orders a take-away when he gets home because he can't stand the sight of his own kitchen. 

Books + Beer aims to provide a monthly prompt to slow down, with all you need for a relaxed night in, in a box – the perfect chilled-out moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of reading. 

Members select their preferred genre - (I've opted for business and self-development) and receive a recently-published paperback, along with two craft beers. Doesn't that sound like a better night in that thumbing through endless reams of odious and self-congratulatory social posts. What nourishment are you really going to get from seeing someone’s birds eye view of a bowl of pasta? 

What about the craft beer Carl, are those any good?

Each box features two interesting cans or bottles, from pioneering, up-and-coming breweries. They choose brews to suit most palates – and also include tasting notes and recipe suggestions plus a curated soundtrack, so you’ve got a chilled night in, in a box! 

Need one more reason to sign up? 

Books and Beers have also partnered with CALM, with a 50p donation from every single box benefiting the male mental health charity and its vital work. Suicide remains the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, what a horrible fact! This is a worthy cause and a great subscription service. 

And the price? 

Books + Beer costs £10 per month, plus P&P, with discounts of 5% and 10% on six and twelve month subscriptions - and including a donation to CALM.