Black belt black shoes, brown belt brown shoes. Thats all you need to know about belts right? WRONG! Generally speaking belts seem to be the last thought when deciding what to wear for a night out but for me that has changed, a belt can make or break and outfit so its time to up your belt game people.

I was recently invited to one of the three Elliot Rhodes stores in London (Covent Garden, Chelsea or St Christopher's Place) and who are also stocked in Selfridges, so in the belt world Elliot Rhodes is about as good as it gets.

When I first looked at Elliot Rhodes online, I thought their collection was a bit too out there for me as all the belts I own are very classic, dare I say it, a little boring and M&S'y. The big buckles, different textured belts is all new to me. However being a yes man that I am, I decided to pop along and see what all the fuss was about.

Upon arriving at the St Christopher's Place store, I was welcomed like part of the family rather than any old customer...the sheer number of different belt and buckle combinations were a bit over whelming to be honest. Although I soon settled into my shopping groove and proceeded to pick out all the generic blacks and browns as I would normally choose. NO. I'm not in Next. Lets mix it up a little. If I'm going to get a belt custom made for myself, lets make it something totally different to what I have seen anyone else wear. 

Jumping between, burnt orange, burgundy and shades of green...I went for the later, a green belt (but with a hit of brown!) sets a challenge on how to style/wear it and thats what I love. 

I was measured and the belt was made exactly to my specifications within a few minutes. So if you fluctuate in weight, just get them to add on another hole, best be safe! 

Bespoke and innovative, at Elliot Rhodes they create beautiful luxury leather belts and buckles in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles to suit all tastes. Over the last nine years, Elliot Rhodes has become the go-to belt and buckle making brand, renowned for a wide variety of handmade designs. All of their belts are designed in the UK and made exclusively for them to their own exacting specifications. Unique to Elliot Rhodes is their interchangeable system which gives their customers the freedom to choose a belt strap of their desired width, colour and finish and match with one or more buckles to reflect their personal style.

As I mentioned above, belts can make or break and outfit but the Elliot Rhodes belt works perfect for this outfit. I chose to stick to green, Khaki, Military tones as they are great colours to wear during the cooler days of Summer and now (sorry guys) with Autumn around the corner, it is time to start thinking about earthy tones once again.

I have styled the Elliot Rhodes custom made belt with some black skinny jeans I found in my wardrobe and a couple of new purchases from ASOS. The Khaki t-shirt is muscle fit, so go up a size or look like me in the pictures below (I'm totally breathing in!). Then an ASOS military green casual shirt to throw over the top. I finished the look off with a classic pair of white converse boots.

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Photo Credit Sophie Milner