Top 5 Celebrity Mens Fragrances

Why do celebrities launch fragrances? 
How much do they earn? 
What are my top five male celebrity fragrances? 

Celebrities can earn an obscene amount of money cashing in on their name and status. Reports suggest roughly 1/5 of the fragrance industry can be accredited to celebrity fragrances. Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t the first actress to release a ‘celebrity’ fragrance back in 1991, but she made more money from her fragrance 'White Diamond' (grossing more than $1million dollars and counting) than all of her films combined. Depending on the size of the celebrities’ cache they can earn on average earn 5-10% of sales for licensing their name including an initial bunce of £3 million.

Here are my top five celebrity menswear fragrances.

1. Vetiver & Cedarwood - by Dermot O'Leary

Dermot has released two fragrances this summer, in a collaboration with master scent creators and Marks & Spencer’s. Why has Dermot released a fragrance? It's a lateral move and a bit of a no-brainer as his skincare range with M&S was a huge commercial success. He's been a member of the British Fashion Council for years and regularly features in GQ's listicles for stylish men of the year.

The difference between the two scents? Bergamot & Basil is fresh and aromatic whereas the Vetiver & Cedarwood is a contrasting warm, silky and spicy blend to suit your mood and style. Day/Night.

My personal favourite out of the two is Vetiver & Cedarwood as it really packs a punch, it's sophisticated and masculine. This fragrance leads with invigorating top notes of pink grapefruit and mandarin combined with deep accords of black pepper, clove and geranium on a warm and woody base of Cedarwood, amber and vetiver.

They are beautifully styled with minimalistic packaging and bottles which will look fantastic on your grooming shelf at home. All for £22, outstanding effort Dermot.

2. Intimately Beckham Men by - David Beckham

How can we leave out ol’ Golden Balls? Intimately Beckham Men is modern, spicy with some warm notes of cedar, sandalwood and resins. It has a nice mix of florals and the finish is fresh, exotic and dignified. Some good longevity, (or Sillage as they say in the trade) approx. 5-6 hours. The only downside is that it’s a little middle of the road. Got the feeling he played it safe on this one to widen the appeal.

3. Blue Seduction - Antonio Banderas

It’s a nice sporty-fresh fragrance for men and is well suited as an everyday fragrance. You’ll get an instant miasma of melon and mint followed by faint wood notes. It’s not a going out fragrance, more fresh out of the gym or walk around the park fragrance. The best thing is the price £17! Worst thing, does smells a bit like melon bubblegum.

4. Unforgivable - Sean John

It’s fruitier than a bathtub of skittles. Very citrus-y, some may find it a little overloaded on the fruit notes, but I don’t mind that. It's fresh but also a bit dark, it has a bit of mystery to it. Good for casual wear and second opinions tell me it appeals to a younger age range. One negative; doesn’t give you a lot of sillage, expect to top up after 2 hours. 

5. 007 Bond Perfume

Well not really a celebrity but what the heck. Let’s start with the positives, (perhaps the only one) the bottle is fantastic with its cross hatching reminiscent of a Walther PPK. It does have staying power, much like the Bond franchise. If you think that the first Bond Dr No was released 55 years ago. Sadly, it's a bit of a missed opportunity, it's got apple, it's generic, it’s not nearly masculine enough to be worthy of the Bond stamp. Could have done with some leather notes, maybe gunpowder, you get my point.

But Bond never wore aftershave himself if you read your Fleming. 



What Aftershaves & Fragrances I Wear for Different Occasions

My Day Fragrances

My Day Fragrances

How you smell (if you don't stink like a dustbin) is one of the first, if not the first thing people comment on when they meet you - "Oh wow you smell great, what are you wearing" is a comment that many of us have received before. Since I've upped my game in the fragrance stakes, it is happening more and more often, so I wanted to share my aftershave fragrance picks with you - what I wear on different occasions.

First are my Day fragrances. Davidoff Horizon is one I have been wearing a lot recently, I find it quite light and not too over powering. Whereas if I want something that will pack a punch and last a little longer throughout the day, I tend to go for Roberto Cavalli Uomo.

My Gym Fragrance

My Gym Fragrance

I always like to have a bottle of aftershave on my gym bag and for this fragrance I like something punchy and sporty and feel Abercrombie First Instinct is perfect. With tones of gin 'n' tonic, kiwano melon, violet leaves and sechuan pepper it keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day.

My Bathroom Fragrances

My Bathroom Fragrances

Yes I have a couple of fragrances in my bathroom a bit like a freshen up man 'you got to freshen up, oh you got to freshen up' - you have to sing it by the way. I tend to put my more floral scents in the bathroom as I love how the scent fills the room when sprayed. 

I've often said that if my house could smell of one scent forever, it would be Basil & Neroli by Jo if the fragrance is not for you - buy the candles, they will be.

My Unisex Fragrances

My Unisex Fragrances

I would consider these two as the perfect fragrance to bridge genders, so if you wanted to buy your girlfriend a selfish gift that you can use as well, these could be a shout!

L'envol by Cartier is my the newest addition to my collection and I'm looking forward to wearing this one a lot more in the future. This fragrance is completely unique with a sweet, honey musk smell to it, whilst being long lasting. The bottle in a bottle is easily refillable making the cost a touch better for you if you have brought the bottle already and are just purchasing refills. 

My Day to Night Fragrances

My Day to Night Fragrances

My day to night fragrances are for when I'm out all day then have evening plans and need a fragrance that is going to last throughout the day and still be just as potent after 8 hours of wearing. For me, I find these two aftershaves work best for that situation. Tom Ford Noir Extreme is an absolute classic and always turns heads. As another option, I also use Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo fragrance.

My Going out-out Fragrances

My Going out-out Fragrances

Finally and probably the most important of all aftershaves, is which ones to wear on a night out-out? Currently I'm wearing these 3 scents and often mix two of them. I find the spice elements of each for my 3 choices works perfectly well together. So I'll wear Creed Aventus around my neck, with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille or Noir de Noir on my wrists.



Thanks for reading. Carl x