Men's Wedding Style | What to wear as a guest to a Winter Wedding


Hello everyone. Today I'm going to bring some suggestions on what one could wear to a Winter Wedding here in the UK is 9 degrees centigrade, 5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

So I'd suggest a 3 piece suit and an over coat. Bear in mind that all these looks are just my opinion coming from a viewpoint of what I would wear. 

I'm not looking to subtract any eyeballs away from the groom. Yet at the same time I'd like to distinguish myself from the other guests. The fit will need to be perfect so planning is key. Don't leave it until the last week to get measured for a suit because last minute alterations might be required. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 17.09.10.png


Having a V-Neck sweater in place of a waistcoat is a great idea. On a quick Google search I've picked out some interesting looks for you to consider. 

I really like all the looks in the slide below, only the middle one would not be appropriate for a wedding. Consider wearing a roll-neck throughout the duration of the day. You might want to take a jacket off during reception or at the dinner. Not wearing a shirt and tie at the dinner table of a wedding is unforgivable. 

The look on the left is more conservative than the dandy on the far right. But both would be more suitable for a winter wedding than the one in the middle. 

wedding looks with jumpers.jpg


Admittedly the wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was in May, not a Winter month. However, a traditional long morning dress, tailcoat, 3 x 6 double breasted waistcoat and trousers works perfectly for all seasons. You can go for a heavier fabric on the coat should you wish. 

Prince George you'll notice has double reverse pleated trousers probably from Gieves and Hawkes. Prince Harry and David Beckham have gone for flat front trousers. Becks has a tighter fit and a lower rise for a modern style. Doesn't Victoria look a knockout? 



Having a camel cashmere overcoat will be the true Excalibur of your winter wedding outfit. It's light enough that you won't sweat away and protective enough to keep you from freezing in a cold non-heated English church in early December. 

What's best is that this Cashmere Camel overcoat is not only half price but interchangeable with almost any colour suit. From burgundy, to navy, to black or blue, this coat will have you looking fine through all the seasons and ceremonies. 

Christie's Tailors in Leeds | Wedding Suits, Business Suits & More

Today I'm putting one foot outside of London and introducing you to a tailor in Leeds called Christies Tailors. We often assume that all the best tailors, all the most important menswear fashion houses reside in London and nothing else matters beyond the outer limits of the M25. 

In truth a lot of the mills are in the north of England, many of the designers manufacture their clothes outside of the city to reduce overheads. We're no longer living in the salad days where the likes of John Stephens who almost single handily invented Carnaby Street, designs and produces all the garments at the back of the store. 

Whilst I haven't had the pleasure of frequenting Christie's Tailors, the proud sponsor of this blog post, I've scoured ruthlessly through their website and can certainly vouch for the useful and educational content. 

Christie's Tailors have over ten years' experience and offer a variety of men’s tailoring services. They embrace challenges of creating and altering individual garments, as well as provide superior quality 2-piece and 3-piece tailoring.


They have a welter of fabrics available for you to choose from. (I'm told 800 which is staggering). A bespoke wedding suit is something that will give you that air of confidence on one of the most important days of your life. 

If you're unsure on what look you're after, the experienced tailors and consultants at Christie's will be on hand to guide you through the process. 


Christie's offer a bespoke and made to measure service for their suits. Aside from your wedding day you might need a suit another special event, the Cheltenham Races, or the Grand National (slightly closer if you're in Leeds).

Importantly, a well-fitting business suit can really ameliorate you amongst your colleagues. You don't have to dress like Beau Brummell in the office to distinguish yourself amongst your colleagues. A well-fitting suit that is tailored to your spec, can be just as visually arresting.

You won't have to pay Savile Row prices for your bespoke suit when you shop at Christie's. Although everyone requires different functionality from a suit, it's best to drop by and make an appointment with Christie's to get a quote. 


Something that caught my eye when I was rifling the Christie's page was how they have offer their services to make unique garments. 

A rapidly growing industry is the Cosplay universe. Many people are looking to get their own garments made, inspired by the ones they idolise on the big screen. My friend Pete Brooker even travelled to Hoi An recently to get a Safari Jacket made seen in one of the James Bond movies. 

I'm sure he and many other fans of costume design would be interested in knowing about Christie's Tailors. 


M&S Wedding Capsule Collection | Wedding Suits for Men

The biggest quandary I have when creating a capsule for a wedding collection is to style respectively for the occasion, whilst not appearing like I've just ticked all the proverbial boxes dictated by countless and mostly odious style bibles. 

It's very important not to upstage the groom in anything bilious. This is a wedding, not a press board pageantry for the Brit Awards darling. 

I've teamed up with M&S to create a wedding capsule, which I can identify with. If you're attending a wedding this Spring/Summer, then this could be of interest to you. 

Firstly, my loyal readers will know I'm not overly enamoured with light grey suits, I prefer to go with navy which looks classic and smart. Although I appreciate that light grey is very much the mainstay colour of a wedding wardrobe, so for that reason I've mixed in a bit of colour, opting for a grey waistcoat and pink pocket square.

Coming in at a total cost of £378.50

The Jacket & Trousers

You have to think the majority of this day will actually be spent sitting down. Whether it's in a church, at a reception, or slumped on a lighting rig at the end of the night waiting for your cab home. Your butt-cheeks will have a promiscuous day so I strongly recommend a doubled vented jacket. I've plumped for this Navy Tailored Wool jacket, simply put a single vent won't give your butt anywhere to go when seated. 

I've paired some Navy Wool Trousers, with a flat front. You might want to note that these trousers don't come with belt braces which could be deal breaker for some. Personally I'm fine wearing a belt and as braces under a waistcoat can feel a mite suffocating. 

The Waistcoat

The English weather is often much maligned, but we are prone to heatwaves occasionally which is why I've opted for a linen waistcoat, light grey in keeping with the box-tickers. It's a Linen/poly blend so will offer you the benefits of breathability, yet won't crease as much. Plus, you can come back to this number time and again, grey is very interchangeable and the moths won't go for it. Not their diet. 

The Shirt

Typically, I'd go for a shirt that is 100% cotton and double cuffed, but I'm conscious of the budget and this shirt is perfectly serviceable. You can go pink or sky blue with this shirt and it will lift the ensemble like a soufflé as James Sherwood would say. Very breezy yet classic. 

The Accoutrements

For weddings a go-to for many would be pink, pastel or purple hues. These will be standard fare, possibly a little too vaudevillian for my taste which is why I've gone for something more classic and versatile. The Textured Tie will ameliorate neck and draw peoples look towards the neck and face. The Geometric Pocket square has a dusting of pink in it, in keeping with the tradition of the occasion. 

What do you think of my picks? How would you style your wedding suit? Let me know your thoughts in the box below and how you would do things differently. 

This post has been created in collaboration with M&S