Award Winning Hair Care by Kell Skött in Notting Hill

When I was a wee little lad and being 2 months premature, I didn't really have any hair until I was about 2 years old, furthermore I was around 5 before I had my first haircut! Most of my primary school years my hair was left au-natural with the curls taking over and the cut in hair-cut was seemingly left off. During secondary school, I had two styles. The first was to brush my hair back with as much gel as possible and the other being a tin-tin like quiff...class! Then came the dark-ages of my 20's where I just used to get a short back and sides with a number 5 on top too. Short and no character at all, I just wanted to cut off the curls. This is a time where a haircut for me was to go to the nearest hairdressers, it didn't matter who cut my hair and it only cost £5, not a care in the world. I then had a transition period of my late 20's where I started to grow my hair out, although I still didn't like my curls, so that caused me to straighten them. Finally in my 30's where I'm confident in my look and realise what works for me, I've learnt to love my natural curls. I usually keep the back and sides quite short but keep the top at a medium length...I no longer straighten my hair although I've learnt that a quick blow dry keeps the curl shape and allows me to manipulate my hair into style that I want.

It is important to pick the right hair salon and hairdresser for your hair and when you find one stick with them. Kell Skött is a hair salon you can trust, award winning with exceptional staff. Kell Scött are situated in Notting Hill in a picturesque mews, so it's not like a typical high-street hairdressers that you'll walk past and have to be in-the-know and now you know! I booked myself in for a haircut and luxury treatment for dry irritating scalp. 

When I arrived at this beautiful, salon I met Paul who is the salon co-ordinator, who welcomed me...but my attention was immediately taken by the dog!!! SOLD, I'm coming back regardless of the haircut (which was amazing by the way)! 

Miles is one of the salon's principal stylists who was going to cut my hair for the day...he listened to exactly what I wanted in my haircut and cut it incredibly. You know some stylists just cut, cut and cut some more until you have no hair left - not here, they listen to your requirements and have the skills to deliver to your needs. 

The final member of staff who helped make my experience amazing was Isabell who gave THE best head massage ever whilst shampooing and conditioning my hair. She also treated me to a coffee and brownie, which are two of my favourite things! After my haircut was finished by Miles, Isabell started on my scalp treatment which soothed my scalp immediately.

However I have to save the best staff member until last, although I'm ashamed that I cant remember his name...the dog. What a beautiful friendly dog whose lucky day it was because I still have some liver treats in my pocket from walking my dog earlier in the morning! I think after treating him, we bonded...pals for life!

All in all, an incredible experience and I would like to extend my thanks to Kell Scött, Paul and the team for making this experience. Some hair salons feel very small and cramped and you feel that everyone is listening to your conversations which can feel quite intimidating. At Kell Scött the salon is spacious and hand-on-heart the most relaxed and welcomed that I have ever been when visiting a hair salon. The location, salon, staff and the dog all pitched in to make me want to come back again and again.