Bring the Style to the Party with Haig Club

One of the greatest things I look forward to around the festive period is proudly and immodestly showing off my mixology skills to friends and family. It coincides with my theory that every family should have someone that is capable of making their own cranberry sauce for the Christmas Dinner.

I have elected myself as the man with the elixir, arriving at parties with a bottle Haig Club Clubman providing the ultimate stylish ingredient for the cocktail recipe.

I did promise myself that this year I'd create a special menu, have it laminated and issue them out via an email circular. On reflection that would take a lot of work, be borderline narcissistic and remove the element of surprise.

My favourite part of playing host or barman, is introducing people to Haig Club. It's an incredibly accessible expression for those that don't typically drink whisky. Conversely, and perhaps one could say surprisingly for a single grain, has been widely lauded by aficionados.

The Haig Club bottle is designed in such a way as to not disappear amongst the plethora of 'bring a bottle' gift. For that reason it works perfectly as a gift for that special stylish someone in your life.

The best cocktail to impress my friends

It's not just the job of a barman to serve drinks. It's to tell the story of the brand and why they coincide with your style and life choices.

When preparing my party special the Principal Lowball, a light Clubman serve with coconut water and sherry, I'll be characterising the blend by eulogising it's perfect proportions.

This cocktail has a wonderful myriad of tasting notes that will stimulate your palate.

As an aside, I've been dabbling in a bit of self-development of late, preparing for my meditative retreat to Bali in January. For that reason I've been noticing the importance of things like balance, harmony and symmetry. 

These subliminal references are a perfect description of Haig Club and encapsulate my thoughts on this expression. As someone that likes to bring a stylish differential to any occasion, being able to express my individualism through the prism of Haig Club is an added bonus.

Treat your friends, educate your patrons, surprise yourself.

Haig Club Clubman Cocktails 6.jpg


40ml Haig Club Clubman
25ml Medium Amontillado sherry
80ml coconut water
5ml single malt whisky
A pinch of salt
A strip of barley to garnish (optional)


Step 1 – Combine all ingredients and refrigerate

Step 2 – Pour into a chilled rocks glass with no ice

Step 3 – Garnish with a strip of barley

*This Sponsored post was created in collaboration with Haig Club.

Haig Club Father's Day Gift Set

This Father’s Day, Haig Club is launching a stylish gift set, featuring a bottle of Haig Club accessorised with a limited-edition hipflask. It must be a joy being a Dad. Like having a second birthday right? If you throw Christmas in there they get 3 rounds of gifts on an annual basis. Dads have got it made. Perhaps as adults we're merely compensating for providing zero utility throughout our entire adolescence, other than fetching the paper or the odd beer from the fridge. 

But as parents, surely you know what you're signing up for! 

Personally I can't wait for Father's Day! It's a 'down tools weekend' for me and I make sure I'm present with the people that matter to me most. Well ok, by present I mean I'll only check my phone every half hour. 


Let's talk Haig Club shall we? 

You might have noticed on the odd billboard here and there with the ever debonair David Beckham with a Haig Club whisky in hand. Haig Club is a Single Grain Scotch whisky from the House of Haig, created in partnership with global icon David Beckham.

It's tempered flavour and sweet finish make it a very accessible liquid for either the whisky aficionados or the dram novice.

I'm going to love gifting this to my Dad because he loves to share and being a grain whisky it's such a versatile drink that other family members are likely to give it a try either on the rocks or in a Haig Club cocktail

If you want to sound like you know your whisky onions be sure to commentate on the butterscotch and toffee notes, if no one beats you to it. 

This limited-edition Haig Club (70cl) gift set arrives in the iconic blue bottle and is paired with a stylish and contemporary chrome hipflask, offering the perfect taste of luxury for a modern man. 

It's available from online retailer Drinks Supermarket and most major UK supermarkets including Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s RRP £45. 

How are you going to treat your Dad for Father's Day? Drop me a comment in the box below.