We all know that as a groom, your involvement in wedding planning and in particular - decision making is limited to none! So this post is to help the bride and groom (together!) decide on the groom and grooms party wedding day attire. One extremely important part of the wedding is dressing yourself, so take action and look as dapper as possible.

One thing I have noticed recently with wedding styling is that more and more men are opting against tradition and moving towards a more modern tailored look. 

Still, a healthy number of grooms opt for long-tail suits with large cravat ties however a large proportion of the country are moving away from this trend. What I'm seeing more  of are themed weddings, such as vintage (think french lace wedding dresses) or 1920's charleston to name a couple, which are pushing the men to follow suit in terms of styling.

Moreover looking into the grooms party specifically, there seems to be a lot styling based on hierarchy and age. And it goes something like this:

Groom > Best men > Ushers & Family Members

You can mix up the looks based on the Shirt, Pocket Square, Tie or Socks. you should keep the suits and colour of shoes constant. During a recent wedding I helped style for, we mixed up the shirt styles as below. From left to right:

Groom - Pin Collar  Best men - Tab Collar  Ushers - Tab Collar Curve  Family - Formal Classic

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If you are struggling with colour matching your wedding, here are some menswear colour styling for inspiration: