Blogger Advice: Don't say yes to everything (take the money & lose your audience)


Today I'm going to open up about some of the brands I've had to turn down and why. When people ask me for tips on how to be a blogger or influencer, I immediately tell them not to bother. I don't need extra competition right now. 

Only joking. 

The best advice I can give to anyone starting a blog is don't sell out. Make everything align with your brand, your style, your moral code, no matter the price. I built a pirate ship from nothing, back when blogging shipbuilding industry was barely a thing. 

I have established relationships with numerous PR companies and I get approached regularly to endorse products. The good ones that I'm happy to wax lyrical about get the good coffee when they come to my place. Others get the decaf, some don't get invited in. I'm not sure if that analogy works, hopefully you get the idea. 

Here are some brands that don't get invited in. 


A friend of mine offered a handsome price for a couple of hours work in London, posing for OPPO SUITS street style. 

I should say for clarity this was not OPPO SUITS that approached me, I've never had any contact with them personally. Whilst I appreciate that OPPO SUITS has its place in the world, has its audience, it has no place on my back (deep referential sniff). 

These suits are party pieces. Novelty items. Fine for fancy dress or if you're Keith Lemon. However, I think it would be quite jarring for people to find me in this kind of get up. 


I'm not sure if these offers started to flood in because I published my research on CBD oil back in the day. I'm guessing it's an ever increasing industry, it has a slush pit of funds and it’s trying to gain traction into the lifestyle genre. 

I'm just dubious about endorsing anything medicinal. I would never seek out CBD oil personally. I'm not curious about it. Having someone write me a cheque to try it, feels like a science experiment. There are plenty of bloggers that take CBD oil. I've watched a lot of reviews, good reviews. But it's not for me. 


I don't like the message. I want people to get off their ass and move more. I want them to pay more attention to what they eat, their calorie intake and appreciate that your body is something that doesn't like to be cheated. 

Now hand me that flask of coffee. 

 Seriously. I'm not having a go at people that struggle with their weight, I would rather them take up a cardio activity and appreciate what it takes to stay athletic. To stay healthy. Do you think it would look right for me to advertise Diet Pills after a KOBOX session? 



I'm all good thanks. I like my coffee with all the fat. Plus coffee is only calorific once you start messing with it. You start putting in cream, chocolate powder, sweetener honey, basically you're doing everything to get away from the joy coffee. 


I mean are you ever going to believe me again after you see me in this thing? How am I going to review this without becoming a crash test dummy? I'm a huge advocate for road safety, but I don't cycle anywhere in London. This wouldn't fit in with my lifestyle in anyway. I think we all know that right? 


In case you hadn't heard, I'm doing ok for shirts. I make my own via Hawkins & Shepherd. I invest in quality, I champion durability, I'm a fan of looking good. Saying that, I have the upmost respect for all shirt-makers especially those steeped in history.